Monday, August 10, 2009

Hairstyles that should land you in jail

I found this post at A Little Bit Of Happy about this site Yearbook Yourself where you upload your own photo and travel through the years finding out what you would have looked like in your yearbook for certain years.My photos run from 1950,1960,1970,1980.I always thought the 80's were the worst but believe me you don't want to see 1990s.Isn't it a crime what we used to do to our hair?
I lived in Zimbabwe and there was no hairspray at all so we used to use sugar water to keep the hair up and towards the end of the evening when it got dry then it looked like we had dandruff and my hair is dark so it used to look even worse.But that hair had to be UP.And wearing bath chains as jewellery? But that's a whole other story...

Hope you all had an excellent weekend.My weekend is 2 hours away from Monday...


  1. LOL do you think they will be saying that about us irs to come?

  2. I really love those glasses in the second picture. I hope you had a good weekend! I'm going check out this site for a good laugh...

  3. LOL!

    I graduated high school in 1989 and the hairstyles are pretty funny. Nearly every girl has blonde corkscrew curls (long) with a fringe going up up up!

    Fiona :)

  4. Those pictures are hiliarous!!!! I can't believe what we use to do with our hair... Towards the end of my high school year... I was not one for wearing makeup or fixing my hair... I would rather get a few more mintues of sleep time!! I am still like that!!
    Found a place that I can work that does NOT expect you to wear makeup... I still look professional, but man does those few mintues of sleep feel good, lmao!!!
    Oh and check your email!!

  5. Oh wow,that is too funny!!
    That is very interesting to learn about Zimbabwe and the Sugar Water,poor girls with(not)dandruff!!
    Although i was a teenager during the beginning/middle 90's my hair was relatively small(compared to others)
    The hairspray was always the same..horrible in wind and rain;)
    Now..barely anything..bangs..ha what are those?..oh well
    Love the sign of the times;)

  6. This post was hilarious! And informative...I love learning about Zimbabwe, sugar water for hairspray, how clever. I shudder when I look at my old photos and hairstyles in my yearbook.

    My husband sent me a post this morning showing all the different man made or natural holes in the earth. Have you ever seen the Kimberley Big Hole in South Africa Yvette?


  7. I confess to once using my mother's spray starch she used for ironing as a substitute for hairspray, and my sister and I did iron each others hair-it's a wonder we have any hair left.

  8. Alaine I think YES definitely although I see my daughter wearing weird stuff now that looks very 80s to me and the consensus seems to be the 80s was the worse fashion era ever

    Heidi I kinda like the glasses one as well.I wouldn't have minded that one at all.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Christy and Fiona do I ever remember that UP fringe!The whole night would be ruined if it flopped so we had to keep on going to the bathroom to check.Which reminds me of "There's something about Mary"(remember the Cameron Diaz movie with the infamous up fringe)

    Cecile I am VERY like that now.In fact my family can't stop staring if I do put on some eye make up now.They assume Im going to a wedding.

    Crystal,I love the relaxed and laid back attitude now.Can anyone confirm the following for me.Do the Texan girls really still do the big hair?I picked up often from my true crime books that Southern girls are still very into that?? or am I behind with my info?

    Love my Coffee,I was in Zimbabwe in the mid 80s and for teenagers there was nothing for us to buy(it's even worse now) and I use to pretend to be sick so my Mom could take me to the doctor and they used to have all the new magazines in the waiting room and I would rip out pages of famous people like MJ and Brooke Shields to stick onto my bedroom wall.(Desperate times call for desperate measures!!)
    And YES I have been to the Kimberley Hole.You knwo the amazing thing,Kimberley (City of Diamonds) in the Northern Cape Province and yet one of the poorest regions in South Africa.Makes you wonder,hey.

    Dixie we also did the ironing thing and I must tell you my hair is definitely not as thick as it used to be when I was younger so definitely the crazy things had an impact.The thing is I do prefer the less hair than all that hair.I just wish having no hair would come into fashion.Where is Sinead O'Connor?Maybe she'll do a comeback(lol)

  9. I am laughing my head off. Too funny!! I am going to try this.

  10. Glad you liked it guys!!! Hope I get to see similar post on your blogs...

  11. OMG! I can't believe we did that to our hair! In the early 70s I wore my hair in 'dancing curls', but only for special occasions. It took too long to get the upswept hair into all those layered curls...and a ton of Aqua Net hairspray.

    I also remember an incident that took place at the high school where I worked in the early 60s. One girl whose hair was so heavily backcombed and stiff with hairspray, refused to take part in gym class because it meant she would have to shower and her hair would get wet. The rest of the girls in her gym class threw her in the pool and I kid you not...she was soaked but her hair did not get wet!

  12. Karen that is funny and I Can believe that.The amount of hairspray I used once I came to SA (where it was available) really made my hair water proof.(lol)

  13. I think a few people in my bank are still stuck in that era ....

    My word and to think those were the in style of the day.

    Thanks for the visit down memory lane...


  14. LMAO! I love some of these :D
    Just looking at some of my younger pictures and the clothes my mum used to dress me in. Utterly cringeworthy.

  15. EH,you are so right.My bank people also!! What is that about?
    Kate,that's what us parents do so you guys can have material for the Mommy Dearest books you guys are going to write one day...

  16. This is soooooooo funny! lol Remember in the 80's or 90's when it was the style to have big hair! And put in lots of mousse,gel and hairspray. I think I ruined a curling iron or I liked your story on the sugar water. lol Thanks!


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