Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Have you noticed the lack of true crime books lately?

Have you noticed there haven't been many reviews lately?Let me explain...

I bought an extremely old house that I am fixing up to move into.I am still reading books but at a much slower pace due to:
1-not enough time
2-reading true crime and thinking about how to do the bathroom results in this

So the house got gutted. Initially it looked like this:

So what I'm saying is bear with me.I am busy destroying the house THEN I will fix it up.We should be moving in the first week of October 2009.

3-also I have been reading some books that are not true crime:
I read and enjoyed

-sTori Telling by Tori Spelling
-Mommywood by Tori Spelling
-Soul Survivor
-Michael Jackson:The Magic,The Madness,The Whole Story

Watch this space.True crime books will be appearing VERY soon....
Before that a few more dizzy posts..........


  1. How exciting for you I hope you keep us updated with pictures!

  2. Good luck with your new home! It must be fun (but very challenging) designing the house. :)
    I'll be anxiously awaiting your return. In the meantime, have fun!

  3. Well now that you've shown us these photos you'll have to show us photos of the house when it's finished! Looks like hard work and maybe some fun!

    I looked at Tori Spellings Mummywood when I was out yesterday but put it back down. Did you enjoy it?

  4. You go girl!!! Gut that house and rock it out!!! I am glad that it is you and not me!! You are much braver than me!! ***patting you on the back for taking the challenge!!!***
    I wish you luck with the house... and if you ever feel you need to load about your day.. I am here for you honey!!
    Hope you have a great night!
    Oh and remember for those sore muscles.... nice hot bath!!!

  5. We've been remodeling our 100 year old house for what seems like 200 years!

  6. And I thought I had some scary renovation photos...

    Fiona :)

  7. Oh wow, Yvette. Sounds like you will be very busy. Good luck with the house. I hope you will post pictures. Kind of like a before and after.

  8. Good luck with your endeavor!! It will be beautiful when you are finished and Then you will sit back and relax and Read ;)

    I enjoyed reading Tori Spelling's book also. Although she was not my favorite character on 90210(i don't think i had one,just watched it)she seams really sweet and honest.

  9. What an exciting project! Please keep the photos coming. I love to the progression.

    Also I really enjoyed sToring Telling. I thought she seemed fairly normally considering her upbringing.

  10. Hey all
    Thanks for the visit.I am really really enjoying it so far.Have had a few problems but nothing serious and I will definitely be updating with before and after pics.I can't wait to be finished so I can see the "finished" house.
    Alaine,I totally enjoyed Mommywood and I am going thru a "I love Tori" phase right now and recording all her reality programs so I don't miss any.I just really like this girl!!!

  11. I don't envy you - all my glorious summer plans went through the door - when we just had all our windows doubled glazed and the bathroom gutted and refitted..

    As Cecile said - long nice hot baths was the only thing that got me through the last four weeks....

    I'll be checking to see the finish product...


  12. Good luck with fixing up the house!

  13. Hey EH.are you going to post some pics for us.Pleeze...
    Kate,thanks and visit soon to find out what's been happening with da olde house.

  14. Make sure you keep us updated on your house. I want to see when it is all done. :)

    And I really want the Tori Spelling books. I never liked her. But then last week when I hurt my back, my kids were at my moms for the day and they had back to back of her and Dean's show on TV and I watched every single one of them! Now I want to read her books.
    Are you going to do reviews for them? I am thinking about buying them but i'm not sure yet. :)

  15. Trish,I am also watching the Tori & Dean shows and I am loving them.I read Mommywood and sTori Telling and I enjoyed both.I wish she would do another book.And for me too she was never a favorite but now if I had to watch Beverly Hills 90210 again she would be.She is so natural and honest and I got the feeling that if I knew her in real life I would definitely be friends with her.She is incredibly down to earth and the only sad thing is that her own mother has no idea how much she is missing out by alienating herself from Tori.


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