Sunday, August 9, 2009

Even More Strange Visits Via Google

Google search Pictures, Images and PhotosThis is Holly's latest post at 2 Kids and Tired Reviews where she lists some odd search terms via search engines which lands visitors onto her blog.I usually wait for hers then do mine so here we go:

spiders of allah -I am at a loss for words...
brainwashing this visitor apparently found some good info on this because he/she stayed awhile
breath-takers lasted newes galleries july 2009 I can't even imagine what this one was looking for.Anyone have any ideas??
diane discovery channel murder children I am glad this one got here considering the vague search terms.I think they landed on the book Sleep In Heavenly Peace about Diane Odell.I hope they did anyway..
biting someone with your natural teeth is "simple assault" but biting someone with false teeth is "aggravated assault". this is the second time for this search terms although my post just mentioned the false teeth.I did not know that it was a better idea to bite someone with your natural teeth and receive a lighter sentence.This just sounds like people with false teeth are being targeted for longer prison sentences????
michael jackson and lottie rose Who is Lottie Rose?
miss glades fathia kala Who are these people?
mistress nicole blood Nicole Kidman???

To my blogger friends out there,please let me know if you decide to do a post like this.I love reading them...


  1. haha, Analytics is one weird software.
    These were hilarious. How some people can search for such things?
    the craziest keyword to my blog was "blowjob" and it did bring around 10 readers. LOL

  2. Those are just bizarre search engine results!

  3. LOL!! I'm glad you play along! I think "Spiders of Allah" is my favorite.

  4. love your blog. i love connecting with other reviewers, readers, and writers. i'm following you now. you should visit/follow mine. i have all things books...
    nice seeing you.

  5. I am very untechy -- so I have to ask -- how do you discover these searches?

  6. LazyKing please do one pleeeze
    Suzanne can you believe this?
    Holly I just love your posts,way funnier than mine...
    Kelly I ve been t ur blog and I love it,Will be visiting lots
    and Kim Ive just sent you an e mail with the instructions

  7. Yvette: Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. And ironic your word for verification was "prayers". That made me smile :)

  8. I'd LOVE to know how to do this! I've tried but I can't seem to get it to work! I love your blog by the way! I found it via J.Kaye!

    xox Amy (Park-Avenue Princess)

  9. Missy that was strange hey
    Amy I will e mail the instructions to you right now.Thanks for the visit.

  10. Amy I couldn't send an e mail to the e mail you have linked.It rejected me twice even after I removed all the capital letters.I hope you come back as I am posting the instructions here from an e mail I sent to Kim originally.Hope it helps!
    About your question:
    I need to know first how you access your blog.If it is via then blogger then on that same page is something called "Analytics".Click on that,follow instructions,insert your URL and you will be given 2 options for codes.Choose the newer one(i use that one) then go to your blog and "layout",then insert gadget,choose the "html text" gadget,insert that code and save.Wait a while and then when you access "google analytic" again it should show green arrow as in all ok.Then you can check who came to visit your blog daily,from which countries,how long they stayed.By clicking the "" this shows what search terms visitors used on google to access your blog.It's a lot of fun!!! If you have any problems send me a quick e mail and I will help further.

    Hope everyone's having a great weekend

  11. I love the random ways people find blogs :D

  12. Me too Kate.I am amazed by some search words on some other blogs who do posts like these.

  13. I love your blog and have been following it for awhile. I like your reviews,giveaways and your funny posts. Thank you!jacquecurl1(at)gmail(dot)com


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