Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Life I Survived by Maria La Bella

This is the true life story of Maria La Bella and details the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her biological father for a period of 21 years.The abuse started as she remembers from the age of 3.

This book is extremely disturbing with very graphic details of the sexual abuse.If you are very sensitive it is better not to buy this book as there is no way of reading this book and avoiding these sexual details.The book is practically just full of the abuse.The memory of this book will stay with you for a while.

It is written for very easy reading and you will immediately be able to tell that the victim herself wrote this book.I got a bit irritated with the spelling mistakes namely the word "to" always being spelt as "too" all throughout the book and wondered who had done the editing.But my irritation was at a high level probably due to the content of the book which really had an impact on me.I was left with a very bad taste in my mouth.Strangely enough this book did not evoke feeling of sympathy as I could not believe that she would stay quiet for this long even as an adult.I am not very positive about this book but still feel that maybe it is the details itself that has evoked this response in me.I was and still am totally disgusted that this kind of thing can happen.

I also was not very impressed with the fact that this book cost more than the other true crime books which I usually buy and to top it off was very thin with 123 pages of large print.And the capital letters in some parts of the book made me angry.Again please do not take my word for it maybe you should find out for yourself as I think my reaction to this book is abnormally negative.

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I read this book in January 2009

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