Saturday, February 28, 2009

Angels Of Death by Gary C.King

After midnight on November 26,2001,someone bludgeoned Terry King to death while he slept,and set his Florida home on fire.By the time the firefighter extinguished the blaze,King's sons,Alex and Derek,were at the home of their forty year old friend,Ricky Chavez, a convicted child-molester.By the next afternoon,following confessions,both boys were charged as adults in their father's slaying.Chavez was tried separately for the same crime-incredibly by the same attorney who would prosecute Alex and Derek,and argue contradictory theories....

Then Alex claimed a sexual relationship with Chavez.Alex and David then recanted their confession and blamed Chavez for the crime.More disturbing revelations came to light,criminal motives became more complex and a stunned nation awaited the ultimate fate of THE ANGELS OF DEATH...

Gary C King is one of the few true crime male writers whose books I enjoy.He is especially good at only providing descriptions of sceneries when the reader needs it.I hate authors who describe each and every place regardless of the relevance.Gary C King provides this only when required.His books are straight to the point and written very well.

I thoroughly enjoyed Angels of Death and this is also a book which evoked an emotional response.I cannot believe that people do not see anything strange in a grown man keeping company with a bunch of children.I am especially not impressed with the boys' mother who was for the most part absent from their lives while their poor father tried his very best.She suddenly appears when they get convicted and wants to run the show and have an opinion on their attorneys as she wants the "best for her children."Please....spare me.

If you have to go on appearances these boys would be the last ones I would guess to turn out to be murderers.They look so clean and innocent and sweet.Makes you wonder...I personally believe that this Rick Chavez had a negative and very powerful influence on these boys.I know a lot of people have the mind set that child sexual abuse is not as serious as for example murder but the danger is that these child abusers are inherently evil, and the way they influence these young minds who are by then so confused,can lead to catastropic consequences.These young lives are ruined.Yes no one dies physically from being abused but the child's soul is for all intents and purposes never normal again.They might as well be dead.Unless they get psychological help in time they will never have successful adult lives and that to me is murder..

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I read this book in May 2007


  1. I got this book on my shelf and I am just halfway. But, this story is very sad and depressing. There are also scenes which might be offending. Well...its only a story.

    Best regards.

  2. That's the whole thing,its not just a story this actually happened and what disturbs me is that the same kind of thing is building up right now in another family and we just dont know about it.Some parents take the time to try and bring up their children in ahppy homes and when they become respinsible adults their world is full of criminals whose parents just never invested the time that good parents do.I fully blame the mother of these two boys.You dont just have kids and then leave them.I am amazed how much of an influence a missing mom has on a young child but seemingly more so on a boy,strangely enough.


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