Saturday, February 28, 2009

Double Jeopardy by Bob Hill

In America,it is illegal to prosecute a person twice for the same crime,no matter what the circumstances.It is a law intended to protect the innocent from unfair harassment and persecution.But sometimes it protects the guilty as well.

The circumstantial evidence against southern businessman Mel Ignatow was solid-effectively damning him for the savage 1988 sex torture/slaying of his former girlfriend Brenda Schaefer.There was motive,unimpeachable forensic evidence...even testimony from an eye witness who took photographs of the gruesome,horrific crime.But in a Kentucky courtroom,frustration,ignorance,incompetence and fate pulled a supposedly open-and-shut case in shocking,unexpected directions-and tied the concept of American justice into knots that might never be undone.

I enjoyed this book until the court scenes started which is ridiculous of me because the title of this book should have warned me that an important portion of the book would be the case being tried in court.I dont really like chapters ina book which focus on the court case but that is my personal opinion.Also I had watched a tv program on the Crime & Investigation channel about this case so that just doubled the agony for me.I read until page 211 and then stopped.

To be fair I am going to try and read the end of the book and then post on my final review.I only discovered this now as I am adding all the books that I have read onto this blog and realised that I never completed this book.I started reading this in July 2008 and cannot for the life of me think of what exciting event happened in my life that caused me to stop reading this book except maybe the reasons I gave above.I usually order 5 or 6 books at a time online and looking at my invoice I see that I ordered these books together with these ones:

A Wife's Revenge,Burned Alive,Deadly Seduction,House of Secrets and To the last Breath.I try hard to just start reading the first one I pick up out of my pile of new reading material but sometimes might not give the time of day to a book that I am reading because I am dying to read one other one.And in this case I was really anxious to read House of Secrets so this might have been another reason.By the way House of Secrets will be featured in my Top Ten Favourite Books.

So bear with me with this one.I really want to do this one justice(pardon the pun).And this is good news as I usually place my order for my next 5 or 6 books as soon as I receive delivery of the last order(they take 10 working days for delivery)and in this case did not do that as I was having trouble accessing the internet and only placed my next order today and I am just about finished with the last book of my last order.So now at least I have something else to read while i wait TEN whole working days.

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I read this book(or tried to) in July 2008

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