Saturday, February 28, 2009

Partners In Evil by Steve Jackson

In April 1997,pretty 22 year old Jacine Gielinksi stopped her car at a Colorado Springs red light.She has no idea that she was being followed-or of the unspeakable horrors that awaited her.Within minutes,Jacine would become the victim of a pair of twisted friends whose obsession with ultra-violent pornography inspired them to abduct,then brutally rape,torture,and mutilate the helpless woman,turning a deaf ear to her desperate cries for mercy....

Best friends George Woldt and Lucas Salmon were an unlikely pair.Woldt was a fast talking liar and a well dressed ladies man.The deeply religious Salmon couldn't get a date to save his life.But Salmon worshipped Woldt,and Woldt sensed in his willing friend someone who would join him in his deadly obsession....

I really enjoyed this book.It is excellently written and begins with the life story first and allows you to really know the characters.I have found out that when you feel you really know the people involved that the emotions evoked upon reading further really allows you to enter their world and live with them for as long as you are reading the book.In this book you get to know the victim Jacine and her family and meet a great lady in the form of her Mom and really realise the power of the maternal instinct.Steve Jackson writes really well and you also get to know the monsters and while you are with them you will feel uncomfortable but thank goodness we never have to meet those monsters in real life hopefully.

My passion for true crime books is derived from the fact that I want to know what makes these monsters tick and to prepare me should I ever be in a deadly situation.This book will leave you totally confused because the religious Salmon is not someone I would ever have thought capable of these terrible acts.But what it has taught me is that people who are very easily influenced and appear to lack confidence can be as deadly if they encounter an evil person who uses their influence to instigate evil in people of weak character.

This is a book you cannot put down but also cannot wait to end so that you can put it far away from you.These evil guys were just too much for me.Such senseless crime just because they were bored...

This has also made me realise that I really should look into other true crime books which Steve Jackson has written.

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I read this book in August 2008


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