Thursday, August 20, 2009

Word Verification Balderdash(My Thursday Meme)#1

I have been waiting a whole week to do this one.This is a meme hosted by One Person's Journey Through A World Of Books.If you would like to join in please click on the link to find out more about it.

So here are some of the words I picked up through the word verification exercise I did last week while leaving comments on a few of my favorite blogs.(and their meanings which I looked up via the YK Worldwide Definitions Of Interesting and Rare Words)

Disouths-the ultimate and final migration to the South of some species of birds(who are obviously near to extinction)

Yingivir-rare herb found in China which promotes virility in men

Logranic-a new kind of building material (especially for walls) which looks like a log but is made out of granite (I am trying to source these for myself but apparently only found in Tibet)

Knaar-the sound emitted by humans immediately prior to vomiting

Conesser-french derived word to describe people who "know it all"

Smsony-new gadget on the market whereby you can send text messages from an e reader

So in the interests of learning something new every day the above are FIVE new words you can add to your (I am sure) already extensive vocabulary.


  1. Oh you made my morning! Those are great! I had a crazy busy week so I have slim pickings this week but I am squeezing a few out. :)

  2. Interesting! I have never heard of any of these words.

  3. Hey Sheila
    I cant wait to read yours.I will keep checking.I really enjoyed making up this stuff(lol)

  4. hahaha, I should be going to bed as it is nearly 1am here but had to comment on this post. Cracked me up, particularly Knaar, uggh I'm gagging just typing it LOL

    OMG Yvette, I can't thank you enough for the recommendation of Loving Natalee, I finished it yesterday, what a heartbreaking story, and it made me so angry and sad but Beth is inspiring as well. Will try and have my review up in the next day or two, I am so behind.

  5. Oooh, new words. My vocabularly is actually rather small. Thanks for the new words. I learn new words on a game called free rice. You can type it in to google and find it if you like. Basically, every word you get correct, it donates 20 grams of rice to people who need the food.

  6. I forgot about the game Balderdash I have been looking for board games for family night that promote learning! Thanks for the new words and the game idea..

  7. Those are some pretty wild words!! Love knaar --- yuuukkk!! LOL!!
    Natalie :0)

  8. Sweet! I never heard about this board game, it sounds interesting though!

  9. Just love it Yvette! You are so creative!!! I may have to start writing all mine down, this is just too much fun! And it makes it a heck of lot less irritating when you get them! :D


  10. ok, when I post this comment I am going to take special note of the word I get!!!

  11. Great words! Very clever! Love Yingivir and Conesser, but I think that Knaar is my favorite! Will definitely be peppering my conversations with these new vocabulary words. *L* Thanks!

  12. Hey Yvette! Very funny...I enjoyed reading the meanings of those words that you came up with...I'm still laughing. Especially the one about "before you vomit".
    Have a very happy Friday...just wanted to let you know I was thinkin' bout ya!

  13. Hey, Have you missed me? :) I saved your blog for last to go through. I have been off for almost 2 weeks because of my back injury so I had over 1,000 blogs to go threw on my google reader. I saved yours for last so I could comment. :)

    I am going to start participating in this for this week. So far today I only have 1 word. But hopefully I will get more. :)

  14. LMAO, you are funny.
    The oddest word I taped was... my first name. I swear and I immediately printed the page to save it. LOL
    cool post

  15. Well Kim I can send you the link to that amazing YK Worldwide Dictionary thingy(lol)

    Teddyree,glad you enjoyed this.I have read your review already and it is a wonderful tribute to Beth Holloway

    Kate that's a nice idea with the grain of rice charity.I will look further into it

    You know what I did,Heidi,I actually went out and got this game after seeing the post.I had completely forgotten how much fun it was and my daughter is loving it..

    Natalie,pretty amazing words,huh..

    Eleni it is a really really fun game

    Suzanne that's what I found out as well when I decided to start doing this meme.I was actually looking forward to the word verification and was quite sad when some blogs didn't have them.Oprah would be proud,turning something irritating into fun...

    Fiona dont forget to let me know if you decide to do one.I would love to see it

    Alexia the only problem with Knaar is it is the least spoken word as the moment you do this you are really busy with other stuff(yuk)

    Missy thanks for stopping by.I am coming over to you in a mo.Hope you have a lovely weekend too

    TrishaLynn I definitely missed you.Isn't it amazing how you actually get to "know" your blogger friends and wonder where they are and what's going on.I am glad you're back and that you might do a similar post next week.I can't wait to see it.

    To everyone please try and do this at least once.I guarantee you will actually start looking forward to "word verification" comments and ain't that a GOOD thing!!!

  16. LazyKing,seriously?? if that isn't a sign from above that you should be blogging (and commenting) then I don't know...


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