Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thank You!! Merci!! Gracias!!Danke!!

I seem to have fallen into a routine with my blogging.It looks like I do reviews during the week and do personal posts like awards,my new orders,or ramble on and on over weekends.So with this one post I want to cover a few things.THIS is the rambling one.
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I have never thanked my followers and e mail subscribers .I remember in the beginning doing my reviews and laughing at myself for taking it so seriously despite the fact that no one was reading them.And then getting my first real follower(real meaning non family member who hasn’t been bullied into becoming a follower)and panicking about my review because NOW I had a real person reading them and what if they cancel the follow.And then I panicked some more when I got my first e mail subscriber.And then I started to relax when I saw no one was leaving and three days ago someone did un-subscribe and I was so upset.I was thinking “What did I do?”.Maybe because the book Abandoned Prayers mentioned a little boy’s body in a ditch and that was offensive.After wrestling with this in my mind (for hours) I realized that I cannot get away from these descriptions seeing as my books are about true crime and I realized I cannot make everyone happy.THEN after all of this I realized that the person who had unsubscribed was actually a follower already so this poor person was getting bombarded with all this true crime information.So dear follower,you are forgiven and thank you for staying.

About the e mail subscribers,I have a new dilemma.I originally had the posts in a summary format and then changed this to full length posts so you could read the entire post via e mail.One of my subscribers had suggested I do this as she would often forget to link back for the whole post.And this was quite a good idea as I have about 3 other readers who cannot access the internet from work .Now I am getting complaints from other readers who enjoyed the “teaser” summaries because they then looked forward to reading the whole story by linking to the site.What is a girl to do?Maybe I should do one week for summary posts and one week for long posts.I just don’t know how Feedburner is going to take all of these changes.I have no idea.Any suggestions anyone???

Now my mother and grandmother have left to go back to the Seychelles after their holiday with me.My house is so empty and lonely.I miss them so much.They mostly come over to South Africa to do some shopping and it seems to me and my uncle(who also lives in SA) that as soon as their shopping is done they want to go back.So we have come up with a plan.The next time they are over we are going to pretend that our cars are in for repair so we can’t take them shopping.That will guarantee they stay for longer than 2 weeks.And then maybe in the 3rd week we will take them to the shops

My brother Ian called me from the Seychelles and told me that my mom said “Cookie is losing her temper a lot nowadays”(my family calls me Cookie-in fact 2 of my uncles until a few years back did not know my real name)So anyway I then explained to him that yes I shouted at the airport people because the plane was delayed for 5 hours and the airline could not organize a lounge for my 85 year old grandmother to sit in and wait.Why?Because only RICH people get to sit in the VIP lounges.That airport was so empty.This was at 10 pm and the plane was only arriving at 3 in the morning.It really would not have offended any rich people surely to have an old lady sitting on a chair in the same room as them.So I shouted and then they gave us a meal voucher.(I think as in shut up and eat!!)And what do you think happened to that meal voucher?It was given to the person who was pushing the wheel chair to make sure my mom and gran got some food.So I asked my mom(when she got back to the Seychelles) did she use the voucher.No,she said, she didn’t know there was any voucher.So the wheelchair pusher took the meal voucher for herself.So YES I am going back to the airport to make another scene!!! Oh and if one of my followers or e mail subscribers are rich please don’t take this personally.I was also very upset that the poor people on the Titanic were locked up while the rich passengers had first choice of rescue boats.It’s not your fault that you guys get all these extra perks.You should really just enjoy.I will shut up now.
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Which brings me to my first blog which was about Living A Stress Free Life.I thought this would force me to read up on how to handle stress and in a short time realized that some “stress guru” was going to sue me as I have no place having a blog like that,me of all people…Then I started a Proud Of My Home Blog which I am and that one was successful in that I did promise my ONE follower that I would re organize my garage (which I did).And then Oprah said whatever you do,do it about something you are passionate about and after a short survey to family and friends about what they think I am passionate about and their first answer all being “reading” I realized,yay, my true crime books and boy,am I loving this!!!I have now neglected my home blog.My one follower has since deserted me and sweet Jenny probably felt sorry for me and quickly became my new ONE follower.Oh,if you do go check this blog you will see 2 followers.The other one is me.(very sad…)And don’t you all go and be followers now.I have books to read and the last thing I want to do is start organizing cupboards or fixing broken things.Jenny, I will try and keep you entertained though.

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Now that I have bored you all to tears and you are now ready for a nap (if you haven’t already fallen asleep on your keyboard).What I meant to say was thank you for reading my blog!!! You mean the “bloggin’” world to me.
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  1. First, Good for You! For Standing up for your Grandmother! I think you were totally justified! Second, I can't believe you have 3 blogs!! Where do you find the time!?! ( I did take a peek at your Proud of My Home blog- my pup loves his Furminator too!) And finally, I would love to visit you, I wouldn't just go shopping but I might drag you around to show me where to take the best photographs!:D

  2. Suzanne I had those blogs back when I started blogging in Nov 2008.I do 1x a month post on the home blog and basically the Seychelles one is only when my mom sends me more infromation from there.Then in Feb 09 I started this one and its been my pride and joy ever since.I finally found my niche. And about the visit you are really most welcome.Cape Town would be the most beautiful to take pics.

  3. I sure don't blame you for being upset for your grandmother's sake, and I think the employee who took their voucher should be fired! You go, girl!

    I can tell you love this, your blog. Your enthusiasm is evident and it is interesting to me, bringing me to this genre that I haven't read too much of before. Keep it up.

    I would love to visit Africa some day. Airfare though is a killer!

  4. Oh Sharon I know.This global recession is killing all of us.I hope it ends soon before families lose everything they worked so hard for.As soon as things get better please know you have a spot in Africa to visit anytime.
    And thank you for the compliment bout the blog.I do so love blogging bout my books.
    I have called the Air Seychelles office and made an appointment to go lodge my official complaint and I sent an e mail to the tourism chief of the Seychelles.
    Have a good evening further(dont know what time it is there by you but it is 9pm SA time this side

  5. I have an award for you.... :)

  6. Thanks Sharon.I have come over and claimed my wonderful award and am about to post now.

  7. Thanks for the award again. I had a busy weekend showing my house and getting caught up with house work. But am posting my award.

    I love your home blog. Like you have my interior design junkie, which I have not posted on in a while.

    I love how you stood up for your grandma. I would have done the same thing. Have done simlar not at the airport but at dr offices, for my mother in law when I took care of her. costumer service seems to be lost.

    Have a great day my new friend!


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