Friday, June 26, 2009

Precious Blood by Sam Adams

In the heart of Kentucky's mining country, in a tiny town where alcohol was against the law and no one locked their doors, everyone knew Jerome Boggs was a bad seed. Even so, no one suspected how vicious he was... A stone's throw from a church, in a neatly kept single-wide trailer, police found the body of a young man murdered execution style. In a bedroom they found Tim Cook's innocent 4 - year-old son T.J. lying among his toys with two fatal bullet wounds in his chest and tears still in his eyes... Soon police were hunting down Jerome Boggs and unravelling a stunning story of depravity. Holed up in a cheap motel and stocked up on liquor and beer, Jerome had wed his 20-year-old wife to a diabolical plan for murder. Now the only question was: what punishment could possibly fit their crimes?

This was a book where the blurb didn't look very inviting but the actual book turned out to be a really good one.Sam Adams' writing is really good and I'm quite surprised I haven't seen any other true crime books written by him since this book.Also with this actual published copy that I got the size of the print was just right but I cannot guarantee that every copy will be like that if published at a different time to my book.

I really enjoyed reading the way the court case was detailed,with the writer adding those extra little details that keep the reader up to date with what is going on.Although there is a bit of writing moving from the past and present it was really easy to follow and the information flowed freely.

I am going to spend more time looking into Sam Adams as a writer.I think it is a bit more difficult as search results for Sam Adams gives out Samuel Adams:The Father Of American Independence and a few other books on this.

Every time I encounter a book which involves the death of a child I find it very disturbing but more so when the child is the same age and sex of any of my own children.This little boy T.J. was four years old which is the exact age of my own little boy.Fortunately I read the book a while back but still.This little one looked so sweet.

This is one of the books I promised myself I would review though the Blogiesta and never did.

Here are some more book details:
Precious Blood
Country: United States of America
Format: Mass market paperback
Publisher: Pinnacle Books,U.S.
ISBN: 9780786018499
Publication date: April 2007
Pages: 300
Illustrations: Illustrated

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