Friday, June 26, 2009

Always In Our Hearts by Doug Most

Amy Grossberg and Brian Peterson grew up in a wealthy New Jersey suburb, meeting and falling in love while still in high school, then set out for college with their classmates. But in November of their Freshman Year, the two young lovers spent a night in a Delaware motel room where, after hiding her pregnancy from her family and her friends for nine months, Amy gave birth to a baby boy. Only she and Brian knew the child even existed . . . until the next morning when the newborn's corpse turned up in the motel dumpster. The case caused a countrywide outrage, and the teenagers ended up in court, desperately fighting for their lives and ultimately against each other...

Another book on young love,the type of dysfunctional young love,where the lives of the couple are totally irrationally intertwined.And yet as soon as the troubles of real life come into play,this "true" love does not even stand up to the normal everyday worries and totally disintegrates with real trouble,in this case a disintegration which ended up in murder.

This book also highlights the troubling effects of raising a child with no communication and yet very high standards,placing Amy Grossberg into the situation where those high standards took precedence over human life.Amy Grossberg was (or is) in my opinion a totally spoilt,selfish person and again I wonder where she got these values from.How do you give birth and feel absolutely nothing.No feelings at all,not even hatred.The baby was just garbage to be thrown away.How does a mind work when it is capable of ignoring important issues,life goes one and the trouble will go away.And when it doesn't,ends up with manipulating another person into doing the dirty work.And Brian Peterson who was there to do her bidding(wow,another Peterson?)no matter how much it went against,I believe,his better upbringing and subsequent higher morals.

I would have thought that normal people would raise their children to know right from wrong but even more so to actually believe that taking a human life is totally wrong.This makes me worry.I always thought that to be normal meant having normal children.This book has proven me wrong.Somehow some genetic dysfunction can slip in.Okay the parents had high standards but this Amy Grossberg did not even have the savvy of getting an abortion.She just sat there waiting for the baby to go away.What kind of thinking is that?

The writing by Doug Most flowed well which made for easy reading despite the disturbing content.It did leave me wondering how those two kids ended up this way because there isn't a lot of background information.I feel that this portion was lacking in this book and would have made for a better book.

Here are some more book details:
Always In Our Hearts: The Story Of Amy Grossberg, Brian Peterson, The Pregnancy They Hid And The Baby They Killed
Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's True Crime (May 3, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0312973098
ISBN-13: 978-0312973094

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