Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My True Crime Books Order M7024681

So it is a happy day.I just received a sms notification that my books will be delivered tomorrow 26 March 2009.I arranged (to avoid what happened last time) to have the books delivered at the security guards at the entrance of my suburb.I must remember to tell the little guard to receive and sign for my books.

Anyway same problem as last time where one book got taken off my order because of no stock. I was really looking forward to
Blood Will Tell by Carlton Smith.
I love his books.But at least I will still have the following:

Smoke Mirrors and Murder by Ann Rule-she is my favorite writer to date

A Warrant To Kill by Kathryn Casey ( i saw this program on Crime & Investigation and I have to have the book so I can know more and more).Also I made a friend request with this Kathryn Casey on Shelfari (she hasnt accepted my request yet-she has probably worked out that I might go over the edge with enthusiasm if she accepts coz I really do love her books)

To Have And To Kill by John Glatt-I love his style of writing-no frills no fuss
Forgive me Father by John Glatt
So I will post reviews on those very soon.

AND my new order which I placed today.I am so excited about these ones.

I made online friends with Caitlin Rother a true crime book writer and I had never heard of her before this so I checked her up and saw her books so I had to order them coz she asked if I could come back to her as to whether I enjoyed her book or not so here we go.

Poisoned love Caitlin Rother

Twisted Triangle by Caitlin Rother

and this one.I love Tina Dirmann.
Vanished at sea by Tina Dirmann

and also the below so when Kathryn Casey does finally accept my friend request I can (in true stalker style) tell her how many of her books I have read
Evil beside her by Kathryn Casey
A Descent Into Hell by Kathryn Casey

and yes another John Glatt book
Never Leave Me by John Glatt

So that's done.I am going to have a Great weekend!!!

Also I have decided to post a list of all the books I have already.At the moment I just grab one and do a review but what I would like is if my readers could post comments suggesting which ones I review next.So I would review as per your suggestions.Good idea hey???


  1. I'm delighted to accept your friend request. The truth is, I haven't figured Shelfari out yet. I'm not really all that great with the Internet stuff, although I keep trying. I'm delighted that you're enjoying my books. I'll go to Shelfari right now and try to figure this out!

    Kathryn Casey

  2. Thank you so much for accepting my friend invite.
    I cannot wait for my next delivery.I totally enjoyed She Wanted It All and will do a review soon and then should have another 3 reviews on the other books I just ordered which you wrote.
    Thanks again.Looking forward to chatting on Shelfari.


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