Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lethal Guardian by M.William Phelps

Recounts the true story of Connecticut real-estate lawyer Beth Carpenter, who, deeming her sister's new husband, Anson Clinton, unfit to care for her niece, convinced her sexually obsessed boss and lover to hire two hit men to kill Anson.

The above short description does not do any justice at all to what this book is truly about and how well the storyline unfolds.M.Willam Phelps is truly an amazing writer.He includes little bits of very interesting information that most other writers don't but what he does succeed in doing with this writing style is to get the reader totally involved with not only the main characters but everyone who comes into contact with the main characters.Reading a M.Willam Phelps book is like watching a movie only better.(which reminds me that I need to order "Sleep In Heavenly Peace" on my next order.This program was on Crime & Investigation as well and looks interesting)

This book Lethal Guardian is basically about Beth Ann Carpenter( a real estate lawyer) from Connecticut.She had beauty,brains and success. She was virtually obsessed with her sister's child Rebecca.I can imagine that having concentrated on her career instead of having children,this child Rebecca became the next best thing to having her own child.This situation was fine while the child's mother Kim was herself a bit lost.Beth Ann then had complete control over the child and all was okay in Beth Ann's world.Being a Type A personality control is everything.

The problem started when Kim the sister started seeing Anson "Buzz" Clinton and then eventually marrying him.Kim, believing herself to be more stable after this marriage,started to want more control over her own child.This "rebellion" on Kim's part was now considered by Beth Ann and her parents to be the negative influence of her now husband Buzz.That was the beginning of the end for Buzz.

Beth Ann hired people to have him killed using the manipulative influence she had over her boss who was a cocaine snorting sexually obsessed man.This book has so many sub plots and is truly well written.An absolutely brilliant book and I recommend reading it as soon as possible.

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