Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting a door to open in South Africa? sounds easy???

I promised I would keep you guys updated with my house renovations but I have been so busy so I thought I would do a quick one about ONE of my problems so far.

The only thing I decided to really splurge on was the front door.So off I went and bought my beautiful,over priced door.I had to ask my uncle to borrow his truck so we could transport back to the house.

After fitting the door and building all the bricks and cement around it.I got a phone call from the building guys to let me know the keys which came with the door did not fit in the lock and therefore did not open the door.

Back to Builder's Warehouse to report my complaint.I was told to contact the suppliers of this door directly.I then called Swartland Doors and they sent a rep to check out the door.They then informed me that it was not their door.

Back to Builder's Warehouse to report my complaint.They told me they had made a mistake and the door is actually built by Doors International.I called them and they sent a rep to my house.They also told me that it was not their door.

Back to Builder's Warehouse to report my complaint.Then I was told the door is actually an It's Africa Door.I called It's Africa and I told them of my problem.They said they would come out to check the door but they would replace the entire lock mechanism.I asked if they wanted the "wrong" keys back and she said maybe later.I said because I could only drop off the keys after 2 that day.She said no problem because they would only be out there tomorrow.I also said it was ok for any time as there is always someone at the house and they should ask to speak to Isaac.Please note that through all of this I have not raised my voice once,with any person involved in this fiasco.I have been an absolutely wonderful "unhappy" customer,smiling and saying "it's ok" to all the apologies.

So onto today,no one has arrived from It's Africa(now 3 days later),my tiler is sitting waiting as he cannot finish his tiling due to door not opened around the last area,.So I call them.The lady informs me that they tried to call me a 100x to find out if I was there.Helllooooooo!!! Did I not say there is someone ALWAYS at the house??? No she needs the keys as well.WELL,did she not say that is NOT urgent!!! WHY hold back the guys from changing the lock mechanism which is what they are STILL going to do?Then she argues that I did NOT say that there is someone there all the time.WHY would I lie? YES I shouted,YES she slammed the phone down on me.YES she called me back still arguing with me.I reminded her that I am the CUSTOMER and I am always RIGHT!! And in this case I am actually RIGHT!!BTW she called me 100x but not one single voicemail message left?? I think NOT!!

Anyway to cut a long story short,they will be there on Monday to do the job!!

Bear in mind that this bunch have not actually seen the door yet,so it could also turn out that this is also not their door!!
They joys of life........


  1. Cecile please forgive me.I deleted your comment by mistake and I do not know how to undo it.
    Here is what Cecile said:
    OH Yvette!! I am feeling your aggravation! But I am very proud of you for holding your temper down like that!! Very good of you!!!

    Now, hopefully you can sit back and laugh at this... *crossing fingers* lol!!
    Have a great weekend!

    What I say:
    Am so sorry i am an idiot!!

  2. The door is cool! I would hold out for the lock but I would have lost my cool a lot sooner...

  3. Do I hear a murder story in the making????LOL! Been there, done that! Hopefully Monday will be the winning day for your door problem.

  4. Hey Yvette,so sorry you had to go through all this,would love to see the new door and hope they change the lock soon :) And,you can be sure she didn't even call you once,she just forgot.gah.
    Sorry I disappeared without notice,I'll be on my new blog Chronicling X-Y,the link is in my profile :)

  5. Oh Yvette!
    It is a beautiful door!!! Maybe just too beautiful to open! Kind of like when people collect books and never open them! :D Remind me to tell you the story of the Pella slider door we ordered, and re-ordered, and re-ordered!

    I hope all is well by monday!


  6. OMG Yvette what a nightmare. But the door is gorgeous and hopefully it will be worth the frustration come Monday, and if not just don't take an axe to it lol

  7. I agree I love the door = but I am really surprise murder has not been done yet .

    Or are you plotting as we speak - remember deny everything. .

    Let's see what Monday brings about..


  8. Yvette it is a beautiful door, but I can't believe all the mix-ups here! It sounds like you have been a model of patience under the circumstances. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Monday!

  9. Hang in there... I would have gotten a migraine! I got frustrated and mad for you just reading your story! The customer is always right. That lady should have known that!


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