Monday, August 3, 2009

The You Are A Great Read Award

I received the "You are a Great Read" award from John at John Abuzz and because this award doesn't really have any rules attached I decided that I would instead share John's blog with everyone.

John's blog (for me) is one of those blogs which I have in my sidebar in case I miss a post.Every post is guaranteed to be interesting.Especially for me being from outside the US,any insight as to life outside of my country is really interesting.John has posts ranging from the minimum wage,Obama,a cat he rescued who gave birth to kittens,his really tall sunflower with pics included.I absolutely love all his posts.After one of my reviews where the woman had tried to poison her husband with ricin,he then posted a photo of a castor bean plant which is where ricin comes from.I would never have had any idea of how big those plants are if it wasn't for John.The latest post is on Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon fighting with Eminem.Did you know they were fighting through the lyrics of their songs and then dissing each other on Twitter?Take a look at John's blog.I highly recommend my blogger buddy's blog.

Here is the link to the stray cat story.A very beautiful,cute and heartbreaking blogpost.

And if you would like to see all my other awards on my blogshelf then go here


  1. Thanks! I'm always looking for great new blogs to read.

  2. Congrats on another award. Your blogspot deserves it. I love it here and I enjoy checking out other links.

  3. congrats you are indeed a Great Read. Love your reviews.

  4. Hey Dixie & Karen go have a look.It's really worth it!
    Thanks again LazyKing!! Hope you had a good trip!

  5. What a cute award...congrats! And thanks for the heads up...I am always looking for new blogs to read :)

  6. Oh I love this picture of this award... I might steal this one too!!! You are soo deserving of all the awards you receive!!
    I hope you are having a great day!!!

  7. Congrats on your award! I love the award too! And thanks for sharing John's site! I was a goner when I clicked on the link to the kittens! Paul is allergic it cats, so no cats for us, but as a youngin' we always had cats, insides and strays! And I just loved it when we had kittens!


  8. Congratulations on the award. I love the picture :D

  9. Holly,Missy,Cecile and Kate thank you for stopping by to congratulate me.As you all know I love awards...
    Suzanne,I knw you would like that link.Us kindred animal loving souls...


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