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Worth More Dead and other true cases by Ann Rule

Worth More Dead is the 10th true crime file by Ann Rule.The crime files usually consist of one longer true crime story,and a few shorter stories which all run in a similar vein.This book as the title suggests are all crimes where the victims were worth more dead than alive.The main story in this case is called:

Worth More Dead
Marie Archer and Roland Pitre had a relationship while they were both still married.When Marie's husband was found shot to death,Roland Pitre confessed to the crime stating that he had paid another man,Steven Guidry, to commit the crime when Marie Archer had asked him to kill her husband.All three appeared in court but only Roland Pitre and Steve Guidry were convicted of murder.Marie Archer had pleaded not guilty,stating that she had happily reconciled with her husband,Dennis, and that Roland Pitre had murdered her husband out of jealousy.Marie Archer went on to live her life.Roland Pitre was sent to jail.Remember the wife that Roland Pitre had left for Marie Archer? Well,her name was Cheryl and Roland convinced her while he was in jail that he was innocent and she took him back.Once he was released,they reconciled and had a second child.Roland Pitre,as was usual,carried on with his extra marital affairs and eventually left Cheryl again.But this time Cheryl Pitre was found dead...(215 pages)

It's Really Weird Looking At My Own Grave
This case highlights how important it is for the victims of rape to try and memorise as many details as possible of their attacker.This rapist-murderer killed one victim,but two young girls managed to outsmart him and once released by him after being raped,their memories of their attacker helped tremendously in catching this killer.(44 pages)

Old Man's Darling
This is the story of Teresa Perez and Justyn Rosen and their love affair.Justyn Rosen was 80 while Teresa was barely 40.Teresa was extremely beautiful and could have any man she wanted but Justyn Rosen was already married.The twist here is that Teresa was dumped by Justyn and SHE plotted to murder him...(42 pages)

All For Nothing
A woman,Cheryl Sweiger,fatally injured by stabbing,was taken to hospital where she later died.The police entered her house to investigate the crime further and found two dead men,one was in the bath.Police enquiring closely,saw the dead man in the bath sit up and surmised that it was the dead body in its final convulsions but this time the dead man was actually alive.He had slit his wrists and taken several sedatives but as the water in the bath cooled down,his body had come out of its self imposed sedation.

Bill Pawlyk,after being rejected by Cheryl Sweiger, had come to her house to murder her and her lover, Larry Sturholm, a semi-celebrity who hosted a series of shows called "Larry At Large".(40 pages)

A Desperate Housewife

This is a story especially for those people who think that verbal abuse is maybe not as serious as physical abuse.Robert and Carolyn Durrall seemed the perfect couple.Underneath this facade was a husband who was a control freak and a wife who submitted to his obsessive demands to keep the peace.Once Carolyn established a career and realised that she was not as useless as Robert had made her out to be for many years,she decided to get a divorce.This was the first and last decision Carolyn had made in many years....(73 pages)

This book is one of the best books in the true crime files series of books.I would recommend reading this book.

If you would like to find out more about this book:
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  1. I haven't read any Ann Rule, but it looks like she is one to read for good true crime stories. Thanks!

  2. I can see what you mean by worth more dead than alive - that first story is some story..

    I love your Ann Rule binge that you are on - she does brings across the grusomest of tales in an objective light


  3. I just started you site. I would Love to win this book. Please do enter me. Thanks.

  4. I had no idea she was still writing books. Surprise for me. :)

  5. I just joined your site. I would love to be entered in this contest. Thanks.

  6. I really like Ann Rule - she's a wonderful writer. If you haven't read her book on the Green River Killer - Green River, Running Red - you should. I especially like the fact that in this book she is much more concerned with telling the stories of the victims than obsessing over the killer. It's poignant & touching & you end up really caring about these women, many of whom were discarded by society before GRK got around to them.

  7. please stop by for some lemonade and an award

  8. This sounds like a great Ann Rule book -- lots of intriguing tales in one book. The first story especially I would like to read -- that guy musy have been one smooth talker!

  9. This sounds like a great book for my tbr pile. Thanks for the heads up. Have a great week. :)

  10. I really must read some Ann Rule books :D
    Thanks for the summaries of the case files. Some of them look really interesting.

  11. i have read ann rule's worth more dead and now I want to read all here crime books!

  12. I've read this book! It was a thriller!!



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