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Jeffrey Dahmer's Dirty Secret by Arthur Jay Harris

Do you remember 6 year old Adam Walsh's disappearance? The son of John Walsh who hosts America's Most wanted? This case was closed finally after many years with the investigators announcing that his killer was Otis Toole,a serial killer who confessed to the crime.If that sounds clear cut and simple,you are so so wrong.

This book Jeffrey Dahmer's Dirty Secret written by Arthur Jay Harris is a book on this writer's 13 year investigation into this crime.He was long convinced that Jeffrey Dahmer had committed this crime but chose not to publish until he had the other side of the story which would be the proof that the investigators had that this crime had indeed been committed by Otis Toole.Despite many attempts by reporters and others to have the police files released and made open to the public,this was only done recently after the police officially closed the case and announced Otis Toole the murderer of little Adam Walsh.

Arthur Jay Harris was convinced that in these same files would be information that the police investigators had missed which would point the finger at Jeffrey Dahmer instead.And it does but I will get into that further.First I want to mention this amazing thing which got this writer to start investigating Jeffrey Dahmer instead.Jeffrey Dahmer had murdered a boy who turned out to be the brother of another boy he had assaulted some years before which had ended up with him being sent to jail for that assault.When interrogated about whether he had known the two were brothers with the second attack his answer was "I just saw him,I didnt know him from Adam".A common term to use...

Back to the book,Arthur Jay Harris did finally find details in those same police files which further confirmed that Jeffrey Dahmer actually killed Adam Walsh.This is my own conclusion.This writer gives you all the facts about Otis Toole and on the other side proof against Jeffrey Dahmer.You have to reach your own conclusions but to me it was as clear as day.
The witnesses who came forward who had seen Dahmer,proof that he had been working in the area,the blue van sighted at the scene which he had access to,the fact that when Dahmer was caught for the other crimes his attorney had stated that he refused to be interrogated on crimes from states which had the death penalty (As Adam Walsh's home state).This book is absolutely full of interesting information most derived from this writer's own investigation.He followed up on so many leads,some not successful but quite a few which produced amazing results.This is a brilliant book on investigation and the amazing thing is it is written by the writer as it happens so the reader feels as if they are on that same journey.Because of this reading experience the writing does jump around a bit but it's really worth it because of how all the information eventually unravels into the amazing conclusion that Jeffrey Dahmer did kill Adam Walsh.

I haven't nearly covered all the details in case I spoil the book but I will add this for you to keep in mind in case you do decide to read the book.Most investigators have announced that Adam Walsh did not fit the profile of the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer as he was too young.Bear in mind that this would have been one of Dahmer's first crimes.The age difference between himself and Adam Walsh was smaller than in quite a few of his later crimes.And the fact that Otis Toole recanted then admitted guilt then recanted again and went on this way.Yes,no,yes,no..

I am left with one disturbing thought.Why the high resistance to seeing the facts and announcing that Jeffrey Dahmer could have killed Adam Walsh?Dahmer is dead,killed very soon after entering jail.Why the cover up?What is going on?

I would recommend reading this book with one bit of advice.There is so much information that you need to just go with the flow.Take it all in.Do not try and reach any conclusions till the end.See how you feel then and weigh it all up.It is a wonderfully researched book on investigation and an insight into what writers go through when they research and find out about certain information which has not yet been reported by the media.

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Here are some more book details:
Jeffrey Dahmer's Dirty Secret: The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh
Paperback: 354 pages
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (July 15, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1439236275
ISBN-13: 978-1439236277


  1. John Walsh is an amazing person for all the great things he does! I have never read about his son and what happen but this book sounds like a good place to start.

    PS: I love the tweet button you added!!!

  2. Wow, this sounds like a fascinating story. I read one Dahhmer book and saw many things on tv about him. I didn't even know he ever lived in Florida. The book is so new, it will be interesting to see how John Walsh reacts about it. You really make me want to read the book!

  3. Wow. This certainly sounds interesting. Thank you so much for reviewing it.

  4. I haven't read any books about Dahmer, but I want to. Thanks for the review on this one...I will have to check it out. Interesting observation!

  5. Wow Yvette, what a great review of this book. I saw all the news announcements when they found the killer of Adam Walsh, and thought that was the end of the case. I can't wait to read this book to find out what the story is with Dahmer.
    Interesting for sure.

  6. Interesting...I can think of a few reasons why they would focus on Otis. Perhaps they knew he was a perv but couldn't pin anything else on him?
    Anyway, this sounds like a great read and I'm definitely adding it to my list!

  7. YES! I remember the Adam Walsh murder story, it haunted me as a child. It was so brutal and tragic. And Jeffrey Dahmer (shudder). This book sounds FASCINATING. I've sworn off books till I catch up my TBR pile...but I will add this one to mt list.

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    Thanks and if you’d like more info on BBAW the website is here.

  9. Great review, i need to read it! Sounds very interesting. I also see you've been nominated for an award! How exciting! Congrats.
    Natalie :0)

  10. Heidi I will add the tweet button instructions in my next blog tips post (if you like)
    John I dont think that John Walsh will be very happy about it considering they were so happy to finally get closure on Ottis Toole being the murderer but time will tell...
    Kalea Jane it was my pleasure!!a very good book truly.
    Missy and Cindy,you won't go wrong with this one.LOTS of new info too...
    LuAnn no it cant be that coz he was already in jail for a few murders.It turned out he was competing with his one partner in crime(also in jail) to see who would win on the most convictions.Seriously what kind of entertainment is that?Some people are just crazy...
    Cheryl move it up the TBR list.
    Dar thank you.I will contact you ASAP
    Natalie,did you see that?I am excited and honored and as usual terrified..

  11. Oooh, I'm hooked. This sounds like an interesting book. I really want to know what happened!

  12. Kate,it is amazing and the things this writer discovered is truly research at its best.Just cannot understand why it's not being looked into further..

  13. Yvette -have you read the book Starvation Heights-it is not your typical crime story. I just reviewed it on my blog and thought you may like it.

  14. That is interesting, and strange. Strange in the sense that I just watched a show on E about this very case. It was an old program though, is this book new? I am going to have to get this book so that I can read it. Jeffrey Dahmer just sickens me when I think about him.

    This is a great review, as always! :)

  15. Esme I will come and have a look just now.Thanks for letting me know

    The book is new and slightly controversial in the sense that John Walsh the father of Adam Walsh has already expressed relief at the closure of this case and fact that Ottis Toole was the little boy's killer.

  16. But I wonder, This boy was only 6 years old. Dahmer did go after teens and older guys did he not? Looks like an interesting read.

  17. Pretty interesting story! I better go to amazon and grab one copy!!


  18. The book was a great read. It listed all of the evidence to date against both Dahmer and Toole and let you come up with your own opinion on who the kidnapper was. After reading the book it becomes quite clear that Dahmer did it. If I was the Hollywood police department and I dropped the ball as many times as they did I would find me a scapegoat as well. If they had only done as much research as this author did maybe they would of cracked the case and put an end to any doubt involved.


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