Sunday, July 26, 2009

Perfect Victim by Christine McGuire and Carla Norton

Called the "sex slave",and "the girl in the box" case,this is the story behind Colleen Stan's terrifying, seven-year-long imprisonment by Cameron Hooker as told by the district attorney who tried the case. Too bizarre to be anything but true,it is a tale of riveting intensity and gripping courtroom drama.

This book was one of four which I ordered from Amazon when the true crime bug bit me back in 2007.And true to form,it was a true crime book of note.This book really captured the essence of Colleen Stan no doubt because the district attorney who wrote this book developed a very close relationship with her.Colleen Stan is a true survivor and endured so much and yet to look at her from the photos you would be more likely to name the DA as the person who endured this trauma before you would even think of pointing out Colleen Stan.I sometimes wonder about the saying that God only gives you the burden you can carry.Needless the title of this true crime book A Perfect Victim is very appropriate in this case but you would have to read this book to find out why.From my side I have always said thank goodness I am weak and have never had such burdens to carry.And I just touched wood.

How does a person endure being locked up for so long and yet by the time the court case rolls around that you can even smile for the camera.I would be in a mental institution.

This book also includes very detailed court room scenes from a first hand point of view.While a true crime writer never knows what is discussed in chambers as it is not included in the court transcripts,in this case we get all the details because the writer was the district attorney who tried the case.

This case includes everything from the actual crime committed,the psychological effects of keeping someone prisoner,the monster behind this crime and best of all an absolutely intriguing and well written court case.

The book is old but the main themes remain the same.A bit of a warning though is that it does contain quite a few explicit scenes which might be disturbing.If you are interested in finding out more check out the links below

Here are some more book details:
Perfect Victim: The True Story of "The Girl in the Box" by the D.A. That Prosecuted Her Captor
Country: United States of America
Format: Mass market paperback
Publisher: Dell Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780440204428
Publication date: July 1989
Pages: 370
Illustrations: Illustrated


  1. I read this years ago when it first came out & found it to be incredibly interesting & inspiring. It's hard not to admire Ms. Stan's courage in the face of true horror.

  2. While I was reading this book I remember entering a sort of zombie state.I could not believe some of this stuff happening.Even more unbelievable is Colleen Stan's strength through all of this.I'm sure that saved her life ultimately.

  3. If you are interested in this story, you should know about two other books related to this case. Colleen Stan has a new book out called (The simple gifts of life)also a soon to be released book ( The Perfect Miracle) detailing a true Haunting, related to the first victim Cameron Hooker abducted by the name of Marliz Spannhake. My name is Jodi and I help to solve this tragic mystery. Go to youtube(Chico Haunted House) KHSL aired my story October 2008.

  4. Hi Jodi
    I have left a message in the You Tube comments section.I have tried to find your book at Amazon but no luck.Please can I have the details.I would love to read/review for this blog.Please contact me at yk AT toptruecrimebooks DOT com

  5. This sound like an interesting read. I've never heard of Cameron Hooker before.


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