Thursday, July 16, 2009

5 Winners of the book The Accountant's Story by Roberto Escobar

Congratulations Pictures, Images and PhotosIt is with great pleasure that I announce the following 5 winners of my latest book giveaway The Accountant's Story by Roberto Escobar.

So with all the +1 and +3 and more entries for this and that I ended up entering 111 entries into Random.Org.I did the usual of phoning around and asking people(who for security reasons shall remain unnamed)to choose numbers between 1 and 111.You can imagine the confusion I encountered by saying "please choose a number between 1 and
1 1 1" but anyway they finally understood and would you believe that even though the list was randomised that kimspam and looseEnds(very lucky people these!) came up twice each.So I had to randomize the list again and here are the final winners:

10 Kimspam66(at)
13 LooseEnds(at)Snet.Net
17 journey through books (at)
44 kkhaas(at)
66 lilibethramos(at)

So congratulations to the winners above.I will be sending you an e mail pretty soon so I can get your mailing addresses.And a very BIG thank you to all who participated in this book giveaway.Keep your eyes peeled for the next one!!!


  1. That is such a great thing you do! I will have throw my hat into the ring next time!

  2. Esme thanks for stopping by.
    John this one was from Hachette ooks(forgot to mention,ooopss..) but I do my own book giveaway every month.The last ones have been for top commenters but I think I will throw all my commenters names for this month's giveaway so basically your hat is in the ring already...

  3. Hi Yvette,

    I was so pleased to receive your email notifying my I won a copy of this book. Love it when I win! Congratulations to the other winners too.

    Happy Reading

  4. Congrats Lilibeth,Karen and Sheila.Hope you all have a great weekend!!

  5. I came home from work and opened my e-mail and you've made my week. This looks like it will be a very interesting read! I have been reading fiction mysteries for the last month and a true crime book will be a nice break..Thank you again for hosting the contest.

    LooseEnds AT Snet Dot Net

  6. Congratulations,Searcher.Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  7. Thanks again Yvette -- guess I was meant to win this.


  8. Congratulations to the winners :)

  9. Congratulations to the winners!!


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