Monday, December 19, 2011

Why it would be a crime to go to the Seychelles and not use self catering accomodation

In this global recession where we get told it things will be better next year until it is November then we get told it will get better in the second half of next year and so on...
We can actually do our own homework.Just check out the property prices and compare them to 2005.Are any of them better? So how can it have improverd marginally?

So take action.If you are going on holiday (which we can hardly afford) then the responsible thing is to use self catering facilities.These are usually family owned and in dire need of the income.I was there and the wonderful personal attention I received does not compare to any 5 star resort.

Anyway enough of the babbling
here is a wonderful family owned self catering facility on Mahe, Seychelles
It is called La Rocaille tel no 2 524 238.please dont forget your international code.
Here is their website:

La Rocaille Seychelles

If you wish to see the other islands the owners will refer you (and do the booking) to another self catering facility called Le Port Chalets which is right on the Praslin harbor.Visits to La Digue can be done daily so in one small fell swoop,with a minimal budget you get to see Mahe Island ,Praslin Island and La Digue Islands.

Happy Holidays!!!

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