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New True Crime Books Published in May 2011

9/11 The Accusation by Slobodan Mitric

(May 28, 2011)

The advanced edition of this true crime novel "Operation Twins – 911: THE ACCUSATION – Bringing the Culprits to Justice” was written to inform the public about the fact that everything that happened on September 11, 2001 in America was known in detail for years in advance. That this crime would happen was not only known in particular to the Central Intelligence Agency of America, to President Ronald Reagan, Vice President and later President George Bush, Bill Clinton, and finally to Bush Junior, but also to the leaders of many other countries, such as Helmut Kohl, Slobodan Milosevic, Francois Mitterrand, Ariel Sharon, John Major, Tony Blair, Ruud Lubbers, Wim Cook, etc., etc., etc ...
Dear reader, all of this can be corroborated: the library of the White House in Washington contains all the copies of the magazine "The Serbian Army, in which from 1991 to the fatal attack by aircraft photo collages have been published, showing how passenger planes are directed to all those targets in America that on September 11, 2001 were destroyed!

In 1999, the first part of the novel Operation Twins appeared, in 2005 the English translation.
So now it is up to you dear readers and people of the world to ask the of above-mentioned persons who are still alive, to bear witness to the truth and to finally bring all the direct and indirect perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice.

Dr. Slobodan Radojev Mitric

Slobodan Radojev Mitric, also known as Karate Bob, is a former top Yugoslav Counter Intelligence agent, who after defecting to the West in 1973 was appointed World Director of Reserve Police International (RPI) based in Tucson in 1993 by General Raymond Healey. A Karate master 10th DAN and criminologist with an honorary degree in law from the Arizona College of Police Science (1986), he is also a poet, playwright and artist in his own right.

The cover of his book shows the mirrored title page of the spy thriller and screen-play entitled Operation Twins by the author dated in 1982. It was also used for the cover of part 1 of the republished English book version from 2005.

The author lives and works in exile from his native country Serbia since 1973 in Amsterdam under constant threat of being deported. He was married to the Dutch artist Iris de Vries, who died on January 10, 2006 under suspicious circumstances in an Amsterdam hospital.

9/11 The Accusation
Bad Dad by Dave Lieber

(May 27, 2011)

What happens when the worst 10 minutes of your life go viral and are shared with the world? The true story of a Texas newspaper columnist who investigates the shenanigans of a small-town police department -- then pays a price. At a local restaurant one day, he orders his misbehaving son, 11, to walk home. When the father returns, police are waiting. The dad is arrested and charged with two felonies. The world weighs in about whether he's a bad dad.

An entertaining and thought-provoking book that explores with brutal honesty: parental responsibility, child-rearing practices and discipline, journalistic ethics, small-town corruption and retribution, and the moral consequence of being a public figure.
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Bad Dad
Dead Men Talking by Nicholas Davies

(May 27, 2011)

Following the revelations of the secret conspiracy between British Military Intelligence and the gunmen of the Ulster Defence Association in Ten-Thirty-Three, Nicholas Davies now dramatically reveals the evidence and facts that the Sir John Stevens Inquiry is still trying to establish regarding links between the security services and loyalist terrorist groups.In Dead Men Talking, Davies exclusively details the covert killing operations planned, organised and carried through by the RUC Special Branch and MI5, as well as by the British Army's covert intelligence organisation, the Force Research Unit. He provides new evidence on the killings that were authorised at the highest level of MI5 and the British Government, and carried out by loyalist terror groups. Davies also reveals the existence of a hitherto unknown secret intelligence unit operating under MI5 and examines its role in the government's undercover operation. Davies traces the work carried out by the legendary 'Steak Knife', the British super-spy who infiltrated the highest echelons of the Provisional IRA and passed their secrets to MI5 over a 30-year period. For the first time, Davies gives details of Steak Knife's extraordinary life, reveals some of the Provo bombings and shootings which he thwarted, and details vital secrets he passed to British Intelligence. Dead Men Talking uncovers the true story of the murder of Belfast solicitor Patrick Finucane, of UDA gunman William Stobie and the subsequent murders of others allegedly involved. Dead Men Talking uncovers the true story of the murder of Belfast solicitor Patrick Finucane, of UDA gunman William Stobie and the subsequent murders of others allegedly involved.

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Dead Men Talking

No Justice for David by V. K. Hill

(May 27, 2011)

Violet Hinton started out as a factory worker and put herself through college and law school with the help and support of her husband and four children.
She has been an attorney for 23 years and has primarily practiced in the areas of family and criminal law. On a couple of occasions she has found herself out investigating the crime that her client, Ellery Rose, was being accused of. The first time she couldn't get the prosecutor to look at the case and it was dropped. This time, however, she decided to investigate the crime which turned out to be a twist and turn of events. She had read about witches but this was one person who actually thought she was a witch, not just a witch but a black witch. Those around this black witch feared her.
After investigating this case it is clear that the Chief of Police was scared of Heather Rose and since no one will pursue her, the State Police must know something that they will not divulge even though the Freedom of Information Act is in place. The prosecutor will not do anything. Either Heather Rose is so evil that she made everyone fear her, or they know that she is 6-foot under as the Chief of Police said that she should be killed.
The only way to bring this danger out to the public is to write the story of what occurred back in January 1996. Yes it happened in Battle Creek, Michigan but she could be anywhere now, maybe living next to you.

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No Justice For David

The Last Murder: The Investigation, Prosecution, and Execution of Ted Bundy by George R Dekle Sr.

May 26, 2011)

"Bob Dekle has written a true-life murder mystery about the arrest and prosecution of serial killer Ted Bundy that will fascinate both seasoned lawyers and arm-chair detectives. Dekle takes the reader 'behind the scenes' to show that homicide investigations are arduous, unglamorous processes that can be sidetracked by both dead end leads and bureaucratic pettiness and that the resulting trials often experience unexpected legal and evidentiary potholes. Bundy's eventual conviction is a testament to dogged hard work by Dekle, his fellow prosecutors and assisting law enforcement."

While awaiting execution, America's most notorious serial killer Ted Bundy confessed to having murdered 12-year-old Kim Leach. But the details of his confession turn out to be false. What were his motivations for lying? And how do investigators get down to the truth? In this case, details like a handful of sand and a pile of mildewed cigarette butts helped reveal the truth.

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The Last Murder: The Investigation, Prosecution, and Execution of Ted Bundy
Madeleine by Kate McCann
(May 12, 2011)

Kate McCann's personal account of the agonizing search for her missing daughter
"The decision to publish this book has been very difficult, and taken with heavy hearts. My reason for writing it is simple: to give an account of the truth. Writing this memoir has entailed recording some very personal, intimate and emotional aspects of our lives. Sharing these with strangers does not come easily to me, but if I hadn't done so I would not have felt the book gave as full a picture as it is possible for me to give. As with every action we have taken over the last four years, it ultimately boils down to whether what we are doing could help us to find Madeleine. When the answer to that question is yes, or even possibly, our family can cope with anything. What follows is an intensely personal account, and I make no apology for that. Nothing is more important to us than finding our little girl." —Kate McCann, May 2011
"It is a sad fact that not a single police force anywhere is proactively looking for Madeleine (as is the case for many other missing children). I am sure this book will reenergize the search for our daughter and the public will get behind the Find Madeleine campaign once again. It is simply not acceptable that the authorities have given up on Madeleine—especially when no comprehensive review of the case has been undertaken. Our daughter, and whoever took her, are out there. We need your help to find them." —Gerry McCann, May 2011

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A Sociopath Beside Me by Junie Moon

(May 11, 2011)

This story is a personal account of my life with a sociopath beside me, a journey which takes you inside his mind and inside his darkness.

A Sociopath Beside Me is a true story about my life with a sociopath and the devastating circumstances he created for his many victims. This personal journey leads to the discovery that a sociopath was in our midst, examines his dishonorable behaviors, uncovers his hidden secret agendas, and validates the suffering of his victims.

The mission of this book is to give the reader the needed tools to recognize the sociopath who walks among us, so that we might avoid becoming their next unsuspecting victim.

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The Sociopath Beside Me

Murder, The Only Way Out - A True Crime Novel by June Stephenson

(May 10, 2011)

Murder, the Only Way Out explores evidence The Boston Globe used in September 7, 1950 to determine a young Boston mother named Martha Fairburn threw her two little boys out her fifth floor apartment window, and then jumped to her own death.

A police report of the same date, which the researcher for this book resurrected from the department’s archives, reveals evidence that could contradict The Globe’s assertion. In her book, June Stephenson brings this evidence to the forefront which indicates that Martha did not murder, but was herself murdered.

About the Authors:
June Stephenson has published twelve books, though this is her first true crime volume, written as a novel. She has a BA in economics from Stanford University, and a Ph.D. in psychology. June has two daughters and two granddaughters, and lives in Thousand Oaks, California, with her Labradoodle named Happy.

Art Hersh researched the facts for this crime, exploring over a half a century of genealogy and public documents. He holds two graduate degrees in engineering, one from USC and one from MIT. In his management consulting firm, he numbered the FBI and Department of Justice among his clients. He has two sons and one grandson, and lives with his wife in Wayland, Massachusetts, near the scene of the crime.

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Murder,The Only Way Out

Thailand Land Of Scams by Larry Westfall

(May 5, 2011)

Don't visit Thailand without reading Thailand Land of Scams first. This book could possibly save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars by knowing what to look out for in Thailand. It could even keep you out of jail.

There are numerous scams that go on every day in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and other tourist locations throughout Thailand.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Recognize scam artists before they even opens their mouths. Learn where most of the scammers hang out and what their methods of operation are.

Thailand Land of Scams was written by Larry Westfall, a long time visitor of Thailand and a current expat in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Don't have your vacation ruined by scam artists that prey on unsuspecting tourists.

Twenty-five different scams are identified and explained and additional tips for your safety and security are also offered.

A five dollar investment in Thailand Land of Scams could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of heartbreak.

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Thailand Land Of Scams

Raped by a Catholic Priest: My True Story by David J. Winegar and Christopher Papa

(May 1, 2011)
This is a true story of my rape and molestation by a Catholic priest during my youth. I have lived with these memories throughout my entire life, and have made it my mission to expose those who rape and molest innocent children and teens. I wish to expose many who hide cloaked behind their red and black robes of deceit and to reveal the hypocrisy that bleeds from within the walls of the Catholic Church. My Story shows how this satanic predator of a priest was finally defrocked by Pope John Paul II on January 11, 2004, after 39 long years. My attorney, the Honorable Justin "Chuck" Ravitz, believed my story along with the many others who came forward and bared their souls of torment from being raped and abused by these priests of the Catholic Church. He represented all of us in a class action lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Detroit in January, 2005 to no avail. The Catholic Church's lawyers and hierarchy blocked the victims from ever having their stories told in open courts. People need to know the truth about how these victims suffered at the hands of these "holy" priests. My book in a very small way opens the door to the truth of these matters and cites references for further education about these crimes, victims and perpetrators.My mentor, A.W. Richard Sipe, a well known court expert witness and consultant in over 200 cases, is a former priest trained in dealing with these problems. He is currently married having one son, and I am thankful to have him as my consultant while writing my book. He has his own website dedicated specifically to this horrific problem. Another website to visit is, where one will be aghast as to the many priests, bishops and cardinals whose names appear as perpetrators of these sexual crimes against the innocent as well as a resource cite to glean more from the many articles posted.My book is just one small story from just one victim who has the courage to come forward and bring this into the light. Too many "sexcretes" (my term for sex secrets within the Catholic Church), too many lies, too many cover-ups by the hierarchy, too many silent victims forced to live their personal horror the rest of their lives. It was not my fault for being a victim nor is it the fault of any of the other victims of these sexually deviant perverted privileged society of cardinals, bishops and priests.

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Raped By A Catholic Priest

(May 1, 2011)

In 1973, a woman was brutally murdered in a graveyard in a picturesque market town. Stephen Downing, aged 17 but with the mental age of 11, was working as a gardener in the graveyard. He was charged with the crime and served 27 years in prison. Six years ago, Don Hale, the editor of the local newspaper, began his own investigation into the murder. This is the story of one man trapped in a web of evil, and of another's courageous fight to free him.

Don Hale's fight to clear Stephen Downing of murder, and the trail of clues the authorities want to hide.

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Town Without Pity

Watch Mommy Die by Michael Benson
(May 1, 2011)

First, he bound and beat his girlfriend, a 43-year-old librarian. Then he went after her teenaged daughter - warning her, 'Scream and I will kill you both' - before knocking her unconscious. When the teenager awoke, he proceeded to rape her. And in a final horrifying act of depravity, he forced the girl to watch as he slit her mother's throat. But the killing didn't stop there...Stephen Stanko was described as 'a perfect gentleman' who 'seemed so pleasant...and so normal.' But behind Stanko's mild-mannered appearance, round spectacles, and quiet intelligence was a coldblooded ex-convict who kept a grisly scrapbook on serial killers - and convinced everyone he was a nice guy - until he killed and killed again. A well-orchestrated manhunt caught up with Stanko, who tried to get away with his crimes by pleading insanity. But the jury saw through his ruse and the ruthless killer was sentenced to death.

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Watch Mommy Die



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