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One Deadly Night by John Glatt

On September 28, 2000, former Indiana State Trooper David Camm made a frantic call to 911: he'd just walked into his garage, and found lying on the floor the bodies of his 35-year-old wife, Kim, and their two children, Jill and Brad, ages 7 and 5. This was the kind of crime that could tear the heart out of a community. The Camms lived the American Dream. They had what seemed like a loving marriage, a nice little house with a white picket fence, and two adorable children. To top it all off, David Camm was a pillar of the community who had dedicated his career to the enforcement of the law and the sanctity of human life. Then, this happened. Three days later, it got worse when police arrested David Camm for the triple murder. Soon, new stories started emerging: stories about mistresses and violent bursts of temper. And as the ugly truth about the Camms' marriage got uglier and the evidence against David started piling up, two families- and the community at large - took positions at opposite sides of a yawning and bitter divide. Was David Camm a dedicated, conscientious public servant- the victim of unspeakable tragedy, railroaded by an unfair system?Or was he a cold-hearted murderer who earned his three murder convictions and every one of the 195 years behind bars to which he was sentenced? Investigative journalist John Glatt finds out in this gripping new book.

I am not at all convinced of this man,David Camm's guilt in the murder of his wife,Kim and his two children.There were far too many witnesses that he was somewhere else when these murders took place.I think he was pinned for this murder because of all the extra marital affairs he had whilst married and believe me,there were many.Even the end part where someone else puts forward a "murder for hire" scenario,I failed to be convinced still.

Despite the fact that this man was not likeable and seemed to be on a one man mission to bed every woman in a 200 mile vicinity I cannot with a clear conscience find him guilty with the facts put forward in this true crime case.Like was pointed out,he got away for years with these extra marital "affairs" or brief interludes,why would he kill his entire family to be able to indulge in these activities.He was never "in love" with any of these other women apart from maybe one,but that had ended quite a while before the murders.

Being a John Glatt book,of course,I found the book to be right up my alley with the style of writing,and the decision on how to present the facts(chronological order which makes for an un-confused reader).

Here are some more book details:
One Deadly Night (St. Martin's True Crime Library)
Country: United States of America
Format: Mass market paperback
Publisher: Saint Martin's Press Inc.
ISBN: 9780312993092
Publication date: May 2005
Pages: 340
Illustrations: 8 Illustrations

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  1. I did quickly glance through Glatt's books recently at a book store - who am I kidding -I sat down and was in the shop for two hours reading the book..

    One of those weird little book shop..

    Firstly Glatt does have a timely order to his writing..

    He is very descriptive - but somehow I felt he had a level of respect for the "scenario" irrespective of the outcome (not sure you will get that)

    This book - I must agree with you - there was too many events for me to solidly pin him down to this crime...

    But as they say - You are tried in the court of public opinion before being tried in the court of Law -and I personally think this is what happen with this man.



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