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Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death by Rita Cosby

She was famous for being famous-Americana at its Scarlet Letter-wearing best. A bodacious young girl from Texas, Anna remade herself into the centerfold of the world. She was a dumb blonde, a stripper, a Playboy Playmate, who boldly took her case against her billionaire husband's family all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Her tragic life and untimely death evoke an odd mix of fascination, shock, and dismay. And through it all, there still exists a voracious thirst to discover more about who she actually was...and how she really died.
In a book that is sure to surprise even the most avid pop culture junkies, Rita Cosby blows the lid off this astounding story. After an in-depth investigation, this is the definitive journalistic account of the Anna Nicole Smith saga-with unearthed secrets and explosive, never-before-told information.

Regardless of whether all the information is correct,the fact that there are thousands of conspiracy theories out there including the fact that the Russians got to the moon before the Americans,THIS conspiracy theory ranks amongst the best of them.As this forms the crux of this book I cannot reveal all.Here are some clues,Anna Nicole Smith's son dies mysteriously,then she dies,then suddenly Howard Stern is the father of the child,then it turns out to be Larry,and now everyone is living happily.This theory of Rita Cosby which is definitely hard to NOT believe as she has witnesses willing to come forward with pertinent facts and observations, brings all these facts together and they all make absolute sense in the context in which they are written.I,for one, am a believer!

Brilliantly written,seemed to have the appearance of massive research plus the fact that Rita Cosby herself was very much an insider with these main characters lends itself to a great book,albeit a major bone of contention as to whether it is a work of fiction or non fiction.If these are truly the facts then this story will bring forth the saying of "truth is stranger than fiction."

I enjoyed the brief moments with Anna Nicole Smith.I have always liked her.I think she was largely misunderstood and criticized.I admire her for the single mother she was,for her path to stardom.I am also of the opinion that most of the truly good people of this earth always end up drug addicted,in my opinion,for having feelings that run so deep,that their only outlet becomes drugs.You have to read this book to understand what I mean.It is an amazing book!

More book details:
Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death
Country: United States of America
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 9780446406116
Publication date: September 2007
Edition: Parental Adviso
Pages: 244
Illustrations: Illustrated


  1. Good review. I'm surprised to see the word amazing attached to a book like this! Misunderstood or not, I always felt like Anna Nicole was a train wreck waiting to happen.

  2. Seriously Holly the "conspiracy" theory behind this book is amazing and unbelievable and yet with all the witnesses and research seems to make sense and add up.This book is in the middle of a massive lawsuit and I had to read it in case it gets taken off the shelves.You are right about the perception of Anna Nicole but I caught glimpses that it might have been an act to perpetuate the idea of Marilyn Monroe.Remember how "breathy" her voice was?And the drugs was only out of control with the death of her son.But it's all in the book!!!

  3. Are we the only 2 people on earth not celebrating July 4th?C'mon Holly go watch those fireworks.I'm in SA and nothing going on this side

  4. I would like to believe tragic coincidence over conspiracy, but the story is still sad. She seemed to have the drug problem for some time and just could not shake it. What a media mess this was after it happened!

  5. I wish that I liked Anna Nicole Smith enough to read this. I am all about conspiracy theories. I just don't think I could read it because unfortunately I never liked her. Great review Yvette!

  6. Yvette! Thanks so much! You have such a great blog and so much fun! I would really love to read A Lucky Child.

    I was on vacation, a beach trip with The Girls (5 other women I work with) and this was our third trip to the beach. We got home this afternoon and I am in time to watch the fireworks!

  7. Yvette, it's all rainy fireworks. I loved Anna Nicole Smith and watched everything she was ever in, including every piece of news during her trials, and through her weight loss and sadly even after her death.

    I would definitely want to read this book, but some of the things Rita Cosby claims (and I won't spoil it for anyone) I just don't believe her. You can pay a housekeeper to clean up your mess, so you can believe that they can be paid to say what you want to hear. And if I'm not mistaken, that is where Rita got some of her "bombshell" material for the book.

    And does anyone know what ever happened to Rita Cosby? Her show didn't last long, and then she wrote this book. Obviously I want to rant, so I'll stop LOL. Seriously though, why did she leave Fox News and is she even working now?

    I never could stand Howard K. Stern!

  8. Hey Geof,so many coincidences all within a space of one year?This is what I truly think and it will be in code for whoever hasn't read the book.I think the son dying was really an accident.The plan evolved from there when Anna Nicole was grieving and really got into the drugs.Easy from there,just a case of ignore and the rest falls into place.I don't think it was any action taken but rather actions NOT taken

  9. Missy I understand your thoughts on Anna Nicole but for me,all my "real" life friends are a little "off" but very very interesting.I think Anna Nicole put the "fun" in dysfunctional and I think would have made a great friend.PLUS I have a soft spot for her being a single mother and the fact that she did what she wanted,when she wanted.I admire that.

  10. Sharon I am so glad you're back.I was wondering where you were.Hope you had a wonderful holiday.I will be sending your giveaway today still

  11. John the last I heard she was a special correspondent at Insider Edition??? I am one of those people who bought the book because of the big "fuss" about it so I could see what it was all about.In other words the bad publicity resulted in a sale via me.I read everything and then reached my own conclusions,right or wrong,I am sticking to it.Luckily I doubt my opinion will have a worldwide impact(lol)
    What swayed me were the timelines more than the actual witness testimonies.I am hoping that these timelines are actually "true" and it should be because I haven't seen anything about those being false.The boat owner's take on Howard Stern's reaction after the phone call did not really sway me seeing as everyone knew she was on drugs and I think he just thought "not again".But I agree Howard Stern does appear "dodgy" maybe not so much a killer but as a definite "leech"?? Oh boy I hope I don't get included in the lawsuit.Then again that would be BIG publicity for my little blog so bring it ON!!! I'm taking you with John,we're going on Larry King!

  12. There is an award waiting for you at my blog!

  13. Hey Yve...

    I love your take on this and "Amazing' - I take with the cynicism attached to it(LOL).

    I have always been a fan of Anna Nicole and always felt she was a little shrewder than she lets on - it's that gleam in her eyes... it was probably greed, but I choose to call it shrewd

    That said - would this book not fall into "getting her dollars/pounds" out of the Anna Nicole Smith gravy train by the author - after all she was on the inside.

    Unfortunately I am not one for conspiracy theory - so I will live through your reviews and just say - the woman is dead, let those who live battle it out among themselves...


  14. Rita Cosby wrote a book based on dirty tabloid gossip. She received $500,000 plus royalties from her publisher for the book. She was fired on MSNBC and wrote the book in order to restore her career. Judge Denny Chin said that "Blonde Ambition" will go to trial in September 2009. Judge Chin also said that Rita Cosby didn't VERIFY her sources and tried to bribe people with $15,000 to confirm her fake stories about Mr. Stern. Cosby's lies WILL NOT prevail. Cosby permanently destroyed her career and reputation. "Blonde Ambition" is dirty tabloid book of lies.


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