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Witness:For the Prosecution Of Scott Peterson by Amber Frey

Amber Frey is the other woman in the Scott Peterson/Laci Peterson true crime story.In this memoir written by Amber Frey,she recounts at the beginning how she got to meet Scott Peterson and how she fell in love with him.As she begins to doubt him,her friend then confirms her doubts by telling her that she has just found out that Scott Peterson is a married man.She confronts him and he then confesses that his wife is "lost".This is some time before Laci Peterson goes missing.Amber then finds out through another friend who contacts her that Laci Peterson has just been reported missing.She then contacts the police and begins wire tapping her conversations with Scott Peterson.He is then charged with the murder of Laci and Amber becomes a witness for the prosecution.In the meantime between the wire tappings and the actual court case she has fallen pregnant again and actually is pregnant when she does her court appearance.The book ends with Scott Peterson being charged and sentenced to death and a brief conclusion on Amber Frey's life now which would have been early 2006.

I expect to receive a lot of criticism from my readers about the following but here we go.I just want to provide an insight into what I picked up about Amber Frey from reading this book.

1-Amber Frey is hailed as a hero for coming forward and helping the prosecution but consider this.Anyone with a boyfriend who ends up being married and in the same month finds out his wife has gone missing would immediately approach the police.I would assume(incorrectly in this case) that he killed her for me.What if I keep quiet then the investigators find out about me and investigate that maybe I did it out of jealousy or I would be worried they would think I was in cahoots with him.I would not consider myself a hero,I would call it common sense.

2-Any mother with a child in a nursery school knows that you have to stipulate to the staff who can pick up your child from the school.The SECOND time Scott Peterson comes to visit she takes him to the school and introduces him to the staff at the school and then asks him to pick up the child from the school.This is crazy as far as I am concerned.She hardly knows this man and then he proceeds to take the little girl home and she arrives later.

3-She mentions in the book that on their 3rd date that Scott spilled wine on her couch and she immediately said "It's ok" and apparently Scott had a look of such gratitude because she did not get angry.It is implied that Laci used to be very fussy and that she used to get angry every time he spilled wine or something.Let us consider this.The 3rd visit and he is spilling wine.Maybe Laci had kept quiet every time he spilled wine on the couch for 7 years and had only started shouting in the last year?every 3rd day for a year?Maybe Scott Peterson should not have wine while sitting on a couch?one or the other maybe but not both?

4-Before I reveal the entire book I will just mention this last point.At the end of the book,Amber Frey thanks the father of her second child for being a true friend.Seriously?You are being hounded by the press and media,naked photographs of you are printed and publicized,the fact that you had unprotected sex with Scott Peterson the first time you went out with him,all embarassing stuff.Now you have unprotected sex with your new boyfriend and you fall pregnant and THIS one also doesn't marry you.Instead you are in the media glare once again,pregnant again,and still single and struggling and you THANK this man for being a true friend.

This book is extraordinarily easy to read and I did enjoy it for the insight it provided into her real personality.Because she is such a people pleaser who seeks the approval of all and sundry I do believe she was genuine in her bid to help the team of investigators and prosecution.She also refused to speak to the media and even asked Sharon Rocha(Laci's mother) for her advice and did listen to that advice by not speaking out.On the other hand it could be because the plan to write a book was already in the offing.

By the way the cover of the book has been severely criticized as a picture of Laci is used on the cover and the fact that Amber's photo is placed strategically between Laci and Scott Peterson.

For more reviews on this book please see the Amzon link below
Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson

Here are some more book details:

• Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
• Publisher: Avon (January 31, 2006)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0060834137
• ISBN-13: 978-0060834135

Not a question this time:
I know I have been really harsh about Amber Frey.My readers are welcome to agree/disagree.


  1. After she found out he lied to her by not telling her he was married, how could she believe anything he said after that? He told her his wife was "lost?" What the heck does that mean?

  2. She should have then asked him "How long since she has been lost?" He would have answered less than 7 years for sure as they hadn't been married for that long which means that he was still married.I could go on and on and on.Like I said she's the type who would never rock the boat by asking questions which might make the almighty man leave or heaven forbid,get angry.

  3. She sounds like a winner! I agree with you.

  4. Wow, Yvette! Sounds like a great book. I don't consider her a hero at all and she's making money off this???

  5. Sharon & Laura
    The book is full of other stuff that will amaze you.I just picked a few.I do hope that she has gotten her ducks in a row by now.

  6. Now I must get a copy, lol.....I need to know!!!!


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