Monday, June 22, 2009

Strange visits via Google

Google search Pictures, Images and PhotosHolly at 2 Kids and Tired Reviews does a post every now and then on How People Find Me where she lists some odd search terms via search engines which landed visitors onto her blog and they are really funny.I thought I would check mine out and mine are not so funny and maybe a little worrying???

blog yvette kelly -this one just looks like stalking to me
college prowler "april 2009 winner" -I really hope they don't have an award like that out there
how did james bergstrom cover up his abuse? -now we are verging on "very dodgy"-this one didn't stay long-in fact left immediately so that's good.
mary laterno and billy, where r they now-well Mary married the 12 year old student she had 2 children with so she is not with Billy as far as I know
sylvia*2009*email address -I rest my case.Who is Sylvia??
book*,, -anyone have ANY idea what this could be about?
district attorney grund peru indiana -this one looked like a valid search but he/she ended up staying a long time so I don't think the basic issue was very important.
what is the book suffer suffer smoke about-I would love the answer to that one as well
is biting your friends illegal? I would love to know the age of this searcher.This one stayed a long time so I think he was really determined to get some answers before starting this battle.
true crime book destroyed -I think this was from my one post where I state I throw books around in frustration when they are really bad?? but I do pick them up eventually and stack them nicely into my little shelf

To other bloggers out there please let me know if you decide to do a post like this.I love them.


  1. I love reading search terms and I keep meaning to do a post like this. I get really weird ones like sex through a blanket and sex with horses. Really! It's not something I have said

  2. PLEEZE Nicole do one.I wud love to see it.I think the "sex thru blanket" is picking up the blanket in your blogname but the "sex with horses" baffles me.Doesn't it make you feel yucky when you know someone looking for stuff like that was on your blog?I've had 1 search term which made me feel a slight bit uneasy!

  3. I don't dare do a post like this - every now and then I do look, and I am not known for blinking twice - but I do when i see some of the search terms.. ..

    With a name like Erotic Horizon... the choices are endless.


  4. Haha, great post :D
    Some of those are just plain strange.

  5. E.H. please do one,just one.I would so love that.You can use #$% for the x rated portions.How about that?
    Kate glad u enjoyed that.I love reading Holly's ones too.

  6. LOL!! I love these. I'm so glad you did this. I keep a draft post and every week or so I check my searches and add to it until I have enough to do a post. It amazes me sometimes, the things people actually put into Google!!!

  7. Holly I so look forward to those posts of yours.I can't wait for your next one.


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