Saturday, June 27, 2009

Last weekend-The Boeremark (used books)/the Zoo and lunch on sunday

The Boeremark(Farmer's Market) is a market which is open every Saturday where all the farmers bring their fresh produce to sell.Anyone can have a stall there so there is also a lady who sells used books at her own stall which happens to be a table.This little outing of mine which is about once a month is usually a big mission especially in Winter as you have to be there really early before everything gets sold out.
My daughter refused to get up early and this is what I should have been doing instead I woke up at 5 a.m.,on the road by 5:30 and was there at 6 a.m.First stop is the coffee stall and then we sit on these horrible hard plastic chairs(very cold in winter) and we watch everyone coming in and generally chat (me and friend,Louise).

Ok,we sometimes make comments about some of the people.ok,a lot of the time, but it's cold so we need entertainment! We always complain about the price of the croissants,usually while eating them but they are really good so we keep on buying them.

After that begins the walk though all the stalls

And right at the end is the book lady.She is very sweet but highly territorial.About a year back another gentleman starting coming to sell his used books and we desparately wanted to see what books he had.We had to go right at the back and make a long trip around so she would not see us go there.He had really good books but we were so nervous we thought we would sneak in the back way the next saturday and go directly to him.Unfortunately we never saw him again.

So that was last saturday morning,in the afternoon we went to the Zoo.

And on sunday we went to this very nice and comfortable restaurant
And nothing happening this weekend.I am as sick as a dog with flu.The last time I was sick was in June 2005 and I was bragging about that last week and forgot to "touch" wood.Serves me right!!


  1. Yvette..

    What an adventure - we have those early morning markets as well and I find a lot of book there...

    Even hard to get ones...
    And i do know about territorial stall owners - it's like pistols at dawn... it's almost comical if you didn't realise that they were quite serious about it...

    And the zoo as well...
    what a day ....

    How cute are those flamingos....

    Other than the getting up early - it looks to be a fine day...

  2. I love the story and the pictures!!! I especially like the little old lady story and her being territorial. You are a very brave woman getting up at 5 in the morning to do that... (((clapping for you))) and (((patting you on the back))) can't tell you I would do that same! LOL!!!! Probably would if you were to tell me that I would get the best deals on books there!!!
    I hope you are having a great weekend!!

  3. If I could find the exact color of those flamingos I would do my daughter's room in that color except I have looked and looked and no luck!
    I always sleep so well the night of the day when I wake up early so I always wonder why I don't do it more often.
    It was a full weekend.
    I have the strangest body set up.I have medicine for my flu which is supposed to make me sleep but I'm not and yet if I just take half a headache tablet I fall asleep.I am going to try and go sleep now.It is so cold here in SA I actually have pins and needles in my fingers while Im typing (lucky I type with 2 fingers only)
    Hope you're having a great weekend E.H.

  4. Yvette come pick up your award!

  5. Hey Cecile,I definitely get really good deals there.The only problem is I am impatient and sometimes can't wait for a book to be "used" before buying and then I rush off to buy the brand new ones.She's really helpful too because there's been occasions when I asked for a specific book and she would have it for me the next saturday.
    Eleni I am coming over right NOW!!!

  6. We have many such books stalls here in Kolkata,India.Its always a good bargain,needs to make a trip again.Awesome pictures,love the flamingos

  7. Hey Miss Nobody
    My favorite pic is also the flamingos.When I saw them they just took my breath away.

  8. Love your pictures! Sounds like you guys had an awesome day. Oh and come on over and get your award hehehehe...
    Natalie :0)

  9. Hey Natalie.
    We had a good time and I am coming over right NOW.I love awards and I hope you're not teasing me.2 awards 2 days in a row??

  10. It sounds like you had a great time out!
    I hope you feel better soon :)

  11. Hey Kate
    I am feeling better now!
    Hope you had a good weekend


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