Saturday, June 6, 2009

I went to my dusty little used bookstore today!!

My daughter Shannon asked to be dropped off at Pretoria Boys' High School so she could watch some sports game they had going there.As it is in the center of town and quite far away from my house I decided that after dropping her off I would quickly go visit my dusty little store so I could take some pictures for my blog(and kill some time before I pick her up again).So here they are:
This is the sign from the outside.Also very dusty.I love dusty when it comes to used books.Adds to the atmosphere I think!

From the outside.I think that is the "specials" counter(table).

All the books as you enter.There were so many books which have just arrived.I managed to depress myself by thinking "I don't have enough time left on this earth to read all the books out there"

My True Crime shelf(very professional looking sticker,did you notice?

The little staircase looks nice hey?I have no idea if I am allowed upstairs.Have never asked.Also never seen anyone else go up.I thought about asking today but realised that I jumped the queue in my enthusiasm to take pictures and I found "Helter Skelter".The nice people I bumped off the queue said nothing and afterwards I thought that was nice of them considering I would have definitely opened my big mouth.Shannon (my big girl) has become an expert at knowing when I get irritated and if we are in a shop her only words are "Mom please don't say anything".
I had to take this picture of the cursed calculator that never works.Hope you can see the hopeless thing there on the desk.Couldn't get too close in case she picked up that I talk badly about it behind its back.Although she must have noticed that I always pitch up with my own calculator when I get there!

So that's it! I have been wanting to do this for a while now.I got the book "Helter Skelter" as I have heard so much about it and it is considered THE True Crime Book of all time and the writer Vincent Bugliosi is placed on a virtual pedestal amongst true crime writers.So watch out for my review.Should be anytime this month!!I could not get any more books as we were now running out of time and still had to go eat breakfast and be finished on time to pick Shannon up.I am going back on Monday to buy the rest of the books that I want to read!!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! I now have to go drop Shannon off by another friend.Really I am just a taxi when I am not blogging!


  1. Thanks for taking me on a tour of your dusty little bookshop! I love it. Funny about the calculator and the Professional tags!

    I hope you enjoy Helter Skelter. I've meant to red this for years but just haven't. Manson and his "family" scare me as does the fact that he could get those people to follow him. I remember hearing all that in the news years ago. I was in High School then and what they did to Sharon Tate broke my heart.

  2. Sharon usually they say you can't really tell a mad person just by looking at him but Manson really does look mad and crazed.And it was also really sad for me about Sharon Tate and especially the fact that she was 8 months pregnant.The baby was practically ready to be born.

  3. My used bookstore has the same professional tags as yours does!! I read Helter Skelter, very good book. I have watched a lot of documentaries on Charles Manson. He doesn't even need to talk to know he's just not right. It's a shame that innocent lives were taken because of someone who can get people to follow him. I will never understand it.

  4. Hi Laura
    I actually never wanted to read the book because I have seen so many programs about this already.But I thought I should now because a true crime site with no review on one of the BEST true crime books?I would have loved to meet Manson in person.I want to see for myself this charisma he supposedly had.I just see crazy and want to run away.

  5. Hey Yvette ..

    I can so relate to this post - I am always waiting around on my kids, so i end up finding all the places on the high street have a book nook..

    I can defiantely relate to the professional labels and at least your shop have a table - I have been known to a time or two to stoop down and on my knees as well to get to the goodies.

    Great post - I really needed this pick me up..


  6. Hey
    Don't worry mine might have a table but no ladder to get to the high shelves.The one time I nearly fell and instead brought down an entire shelf.The next time I went she remembered me and politely told me to "please ask for help" if you need any items you can't get to.Apparently a little man sits at the back and only appears when summonsed by her to get the high stuff out.THEN only comes the ladder.I just feel terrible now to ask for stuff and thank goodness my true crime shelf is 2nd shelf from the bottom(lol)

  7. That sounds so creepy - a little man sitting waiting around with a ladder to be called..

    Straight out of Hitchcock.. (LOL)


  8. That does sound creepy. Maybe a story is in it....

  9. LOL you guys are making me laugh.I never thought about it that way.I never went today as I thought I would.We are having a cold front this side and it is freezing.I ended up getting under my bedcovers as much as I could.But when I do go I am going to ask for a high book and when the little man comes out I am going to ask him what he does at the back the rest of the time.Will keep you guys posted!

  10. If we don't hear from you - for a few days - we will know the man with the ladder has gotten to you...

    Da-da- da- da-

    This is the funniest thing of my whole weekend - a man with a ladder indeed...


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