Monday, May 11, 2009

We Have A Winner-5 Winners Actually...

Okay.So this is what I did.I typed part of the e mail addresses of the readers who took part in the book giveaway contest for the Blonde Ambition by Rita Cosby book.The readers who were followers or who blogged about the contest or were subscribers received extra entries.I then cut out all the relevant names and put them in a bag and my daughter,Shannon,then pulled out the winning 5 names.Very amateurish,I know,but it was more fun this way.Especially considering I wanted to have real live zebras in the background while she pulled out the names but unfortunately they were nowhere to be found.We drove around the whole afternoon and eventually gave up.The next winners of the next book giveaway is definitely going to be announced from The Rietvlei Nature Reserve.I will be better organised next time (and I now know how to work out how my new camcorder works,I think!!)

You Tube On Winners

Please excuse the poor quality.It will be better next time.The winners will be contacted via e mail so I can get their postal adresses and then they will get their free books.A big thank you to everyone who participated.The next book giveaway is going to be Columbine by Dave Cullen so keep an eye open for my next giveaway.


  1. What a cool way to pick the winners. I had to call my daughter over to the computer so she could see my name! I will be emailing you my address now! Congrats all the other winners!

  2. Thank goodness you liked it Kristi.I was worried it would be too "out of the box" (no pun intended).And congratulations!!!

  3. Just realised my out of the box comment is only South Africa based unless overseas readers know the program "money or the box".Old TV program!!

  4. What a gread way to pick the winners! Congrats to all the winners! And tell Shannon she did a great job!

  5. Thanks Suzanne.I will show her your comment.That is the only part of my blog she enjoys reading-the comments.And she thinks all of us book people are very strange....


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