Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My New Order...and still no Kindle

I ordered these books to be delivered in 10 days.First of all I checked to see if they were available on Kindle because my kindle is due anytime now.It is currently stuck in customs.Why,oh,why???Seeing that they were NOT available on Kindle I went ahead and ordered in case I never ever see my Kindle.At this rate it is a strong possibility!!So here is my order M7108572.(I also ordered The Bee Movie so me and my 4 year old can watch and enjoy.).Descriptions are from my online site.

The Prom Night Murders by Carlton Smith-Smith recounts the shocking 1989 murders of Indiana pastor Robert L. Pelley, his wife, and her daughters. The pastor's son, Jeff, was suspected but never charged. More than a decade later, investigators finally established Jeff's motive,he was angry at his father for grounding him on prom night.

Loving Natalee by Beth Holloway-This inspiring story chronicles how one mother faces the horror of her daughters disappearance and finds the strength, hope, and courage to carry on that can only come from a deep-rooted faith.

Erased-Missing Women,Murdered Wives by Marilee Strong-Presents a profile of a widespread and previously unrecognized type of murder: not a 'hot-blooded', spur-of-the-moment crime of passion, as domestic homicide is commonly viewed, but a cold-blooded, carefully planned and methodically executed form of 'erasure'.

Murder by Family by Kent Whitaker-This is the tragic story of Kent Whitaker's heart-wrenching journey toward forgiveness and faith after the brutal murder of his wife and one of his sons.The murderer was another son of his.

I see that some bloggers have decided to name their Kindle and at this rate I am thinking of naming mine quisquis.

Anybody else out there who have actually seen a Kindle please confirm for me that it does indeed exist!!!!!!!


  1. I want to read "The Prom Night Murders." I am adding it to my book list today.

  2. Yes Yes yes and then we can compare what we thought of the book.If you finish first or I do we can let the other one know and then discuss.Can't wait!!

  3. The Kindle does exist, my sister reviews African American books and she is doing a review for the Kindle for Amazon and they sent hers out but it took almost 2 months, it was on backorder.
    My grandmother use to say anything worth having is worth waiting for and my sister is a picky tech/book person and she LOVES the Kindle! Hope you get yours soon! :)

  4. Hey Kimmy
    Would you believe mine arrived this afternoon.Problem now is because it was ordered by an import company it is registered to them.They told me they have unregistered but I still cannot register under my name and all I want is the John Glatt Secrets In The Cellar.And then I think with all the excitement I tried to phone the helpline and because I held the landline phone too close to the Kindle which I was charging and the house phone was buzzing loudly and I could not hear the automated response thingy and started shouting.By that time a real person had come onto the phone so I stood up,buzzing stopped in time for me to hear "Ma'am are you ok?"

  5. Loving Natalee seems like a very interesting read. I can only imagine what an unsolved case like that would do to a person. You know, I've never used a Kindle. Do you like it even more than regular books?

  6. Oh Melanie,would you believe they STILL havent unregistered.I phoned US myself eventually and then called them and they got upset saying they would do it.Its been 2 days.I am NOT happy(gatvol in SA)!!And the guy from Kindle Support just wanted the account name they used and he was going to do the whole thing for me.I had to say good bye and now I wait!!

  7. and lazy king,that was an excellent joke you got on your blog.I needed that after the day I have had.

  8. Hi, The 'Prom night murders' seems promising. WIll pick it up.
    Im a fan of Erle Stanley Gardner and Matthew Reilly though. Tried em? All action.

  9. No,never tried them so I quickly went to see what type of books they are and learnt something new.I know of Perry Mason but had no idea that he was created by Erle Stanley Gardner.Did you know that while Erle Gardner was writing the Perry Mason books he was also writing another series as A A Fair?You probably do already if you are a fan.And as soon as I get Prom Night I will read and do a review.Please come back or I will remind you coz by then you should be finished reading yours and then we can discuss??Do u have any copies and would you like to do a swop?Tomorrow I am going to do a swop post with all the books I have(not all true crime).Let me know.

  10. Hi Yvette. The book I won here, Blond Ambition came in, I'm so excited! Thank You, thank you, thank you!

    I'm sorry to read about all the trouble you're having with your Kindle. Hope it all works out soon so you can read! I didn't know that people named their Kindles. What do you think you will name yours? Quisquis like you said? I'm going to order mine tonight or tomorrow.

  11. Hey Sharon
    I didnt either but I see when you register it asks for a name so I think that is what it is from.Glad you are getting one too.You will probably be reading off of your before me.Let me know how it goes.nd thanks for letting me know about the free book.I was starting to worry and was going to send e mails.Hope you enjoy it and yes,Quisquis is still in my cupboard untouched.


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