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Mortal Danger by Ann Rule

Mortal Danger and Other true crime cases by Ann Rule are short stories with either a spouse, lover, family member or a helpful stranger who is totally trusted,but whose lethally violent nature, though masterfully disguised, can and will kill. Featured is the case of a family man who appeared the picture of healthy living with his expertise in naturopathic healing. Luring a beautiful flight attendant into a passionate affair, he swept her away to a secluded home on the coast where his jealous rages escalated, ultimately leading to a brutal sex attack when she believed she would die. How this brave victim survived, never knowing her tormentor's whereabouts, and how he resurfaced, forcing a tragic end for all involved, makes this one of Ann Rule's most compelling narratives. Other cases include that of the woman who masterminded her husband's murder to gain his inheritance ...The monstrous sadist whose prison release damaged a presidential candidate's campaign and ended in a bitter double tragedy in a quiet neighbourhood 3,000 miles away .

This book was the first book giveaway on this blog.I have wanted to read it for a while now and finally got it via my Kindle.(my 2nd book on Kindle).The main story and longest one is Mortal Danger which is about Kathy Ann Jewell a flight attendant who ends up falling in love with and living with John Brandon.I am not sure by which name to call him as he went under various names in his life and his real name is never confirmed.Ann Rule provides interesting background information on Kate Jewell and is really sucessful in getting the reader to bond with and get to really know her well.With all this information though I was not provided any insight as to how she ended up falling in love and living with a psychopath.He eventually tried to kill her and then disappeared.He re surfaced years later with drastic consequences...

The next stories are all shorter stories.Written In Blood is about a couple,Bev and Brian Mauck who were killed in their home by a neighbour and friend.The story unwinds first with the actual crime scene and discovery thereof,then into the background and lives of the couple then with the investigation,gradually introducing the killer and his background and subsequent incarceration.It really is a warning to women who befriend men in prison,then marrying them and bringing these dangerous men into their lives and the lives of their family and friends.

If I Can't Have You is about Amelia Jager,a 27 year old owman who met and married a Swiss man.She left her home in America and moved to Switzerland only to discover she has married a very dysfunctional man.After a few months of strange behavior she decided to leave him and go back home.He pursued her,and upon realising that she was adamant about wanting to leave him,he decided to take matters into his own hand.I realised when reading this story that while it is okay to believe in love at first sight,if this true love involves getting married quickly and moving far away from friends and family,then maybe this true love should rather move to you,than the other way around.

Thirty years later is the cold case of Sara Beth Lindquist who was abducted and murdered in 1978 and how Clarence Williams was eventually caught and convicted.This story also details the other crimes he committed as well as the murder of Julie Costello.Emphasises and highlights the victories of DNA and the perseverance of law enforcement personnel who most times find themselves absolutely driven to solve cases even when a long time has gone by.

Not Safe At Home is about the murder of Traia Carr who was raped and murdered by a neighbor's son.This story was very well written as it kept me in suspense the entire time.Believe me when I say that the first sentence is not a spoiler at all.I took the following as a warning: it doen't matter how long you have known certain people,if you see signs of dysfunction it is just better to limit the interaction you have with them.

This is the latest of Ann Rule's crime files(Volume 13,I think) and being an Ann Rule book I enjoyed reading it but I would not say it is one of her better books.My best Ann Rule book so far has been Small Sacrifices and the worst was The End Of The Dream.This book lies somewhere in between for me.

If you would like to read more reviews on this book then access via Amazon link below
Mortal Danger (Ann Rule's Crime Files)

otherwise South African readers can find out more via Kalahari Books.

Here is some more information on the book Mortal Danger by Ann Rule

Country: United States of America
Format: Mass market paperback
Publisher: Pocket Books
ISBN: 9781416542209
Publication date: November 2008
Edition: illustrated edition
Pages: 465

I read this book via my Kindle In May 2009 and I was very impressed with the layout on Kindle which even included photographs which you could go to directly from the contents page.Not all Kindle books are set up so well,I have found out,to my utter dismay!


  1. Small Sacrifices is my favorite also but A Rose For Her Grave was the first book I read by Ann Rule.

  2. From Ann's book, this is what I believe happened, how John and Kate got together.When Kate met John, she was "taken by him". He was not her type, but he seemed so strong and she was almost hypnotized by his manner. They had so many things that they could share. I believe she thought "here is my soul mate at 38", and didn't pay attention to reality. She didn't listen to her inner woman's warnings. Ann Rule rules in the true crime stories.


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