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Vanished At Sea by Tina Dirmann

Vanished At Sea,the true crime book by Tina Dirmann the true story of Skylar Deleon, a former child actor on the TV series Power Rangers, who was charged with the 2004 double murder of a wealthy retired couple in Long Beach, California.
It was supposed to be blue skies and smooth sailing for Thomas and Jackie Hawks. A retired probation officer and a stay-at-home mom, they were looking forward to entering the next phase of their golden years. Their plan was to sell their home—a 55-foot, $435,000 yacht—and start a new life on land and spend as much time with their grandchildren as possible.The Hawks were thrilled when a young man named Skylar Deleon wanted to buy the boat for himself, his wife, and their two kids. Little did Thomas and Jackie know that this unemployed,former childhood actor and dishonorably discharged Marine had another devious plan in mind:to lure the couple out to sea, force them to sign away their life savings, throw them overboard, and leave them to die.

I finished reading this book a few days ago but could only post my review now because of all the Easter happenings and then wonder of wonders,my blog was nominated for the One Lovely Blog award so of course I had to immediately post on the good news.

I read this book literally in one sitting.A really well written and easy reading book.I loved the fact that it delved quite deeply into the early life of the main people namely the Hawks who were the victims and also provided a detailed and interesting few chapters on the early life of Skylar the alleged murderer.I say alleged because the book does not provide the final details and courtcase of Skylar but it does mention that the state was going to seek the death penalty in their case against him.I have to add though that I did not feel that I missed out on not having the court details because for me that usually just means a re hash of all the details which you gain though the investigation.This book provides all of these investigation details and I am completely sure that he will be charged with the murder of this innocent couple.

Tina Dirmann does take the reader through the trial of Skylar's wife,Jennifer,who you will find as you read the story,that even though she did not commit the murderous act herself,was very instrumental in leading this couple to their early death.

I got shivers as the witnesses explained how this couple was killed.I think that the way this couple was killed must be one of the worst ways to die.I cannot imagine what was going through their minds when they were sitting tied up together knowing how these people were going to kill them.I am terrified at the very thought of having to go through something like that.I fully agree with Skylar Deleon getting the death penalty.

I would recommend reading this book and in fact any of Tina Dirmann's books on true crime as she is excellent at drawing the reader into the tale.
If you would like to find out more about this book then South African readers can go to Kalahari Books or to get other readers' reviews on this book then access the Amazon link below
Vanished at Sea: The True Story of a Child TV Actor and Double Murder (St. Martin's True Crime Library)

Country: United States of America
Format: Mass market paperback
Publisher: Saint Martin's Press Inc.
Publication date: January 2008
Pages: 248
Illustrations: Illustrated

I read this book in April 2009 and it has 8 pages of photographs and I got really angry thinking how a bunch of lazy pipsqueaks destroyed the lives of these two hardworking people(and their families') who waited so long to have their dream of owning and retiring on their yacht.


  1. Well it's not alleged any more.

    Skylar Deleon Gets Death Sentence In Newport Beach Yacht Murders
    12:14 PM | April 10, 2009
    A Long Beach man was sentenced to death today for lashing Thomas and Jackie Hawks to the anchor of a yacht and throwing them overboard off the coast of Newport Beach in a plot to steal the vessel and plunder the couple’s life savings.

  2. Thanks for the update Glenn
    I really think he deserves the death penalty.This was a terrible crime.


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