Saturday, April 25, 2009

Premio Dardos Award for me-yippee!!!!

I remember about a month back seeing one of the blogs I follow winning this award and wanting so badly to be nominated for one as well.Never mind that I love blogging and doing my book reviews it is still a very BIG deal to be recognized by fellow bloggers and feeling part of the community of book bloggers.

I am honored to receive this award and I owe it all to Suzanne from Chicks With Books who has always been very gracious about my site,despite being such a new site.If ever there is an award for a book blogger being the nicest and helpful to new bloggers Suzanne would be top of my list to be nominated.
And I went searching and this one is for her
BLOGGER FRIEND Pictures, Images and Photos

Back to my wonderful award.The Premio Dardos award is for bloggers who distinguish themselves for showing cultural values, ethics, great and fun writing skills, as well as individual values, through their creative writing.

The rules of the award:
1. To accept and show the distinct image
2. Show the link to the blog from which you were given the award
3. Choose 10 blogs to give the Premio Dardos Award to.
4. Let the nominees know about their award.

I am now nominating the following blogs with this Premio Dardos Award:(I have included a little something extra about each nominee but that is not part of the rules when nominating the Premio Dardos Award)

1-Jenny at Movies,Books & Music
If you need cheering up or just to relax go over to her blog she has the most amazing music playing-I have no idea how she chose her playlist but every time I visit which is often the music is always good.

2-Kate at Book Nymph
I love her straight to the point,honest and clear reviews.

3-April at Café Of Dreams
Because the layout of her blog is so wonderful for the name she chose.It does feel like dreamland. Some people are just talented that way.

4-Holly at 2 Kids and Tired Reviews
For all the different types of books she’s reviewed-from teen books to non fiction-you name it she’s reviewed it

5-Dar at Peeking Between The Pages
For her ability to write detailed reviews without giving the entire story away but just enough to get you interested in more.

6-Alison at So Many Books,So Little Time
I love her About Me introduction and totally enjoy her Read-A Thon posts

7-Shelley at ChainReading
You have to see her reviews.In four words “perspectives with a twist”

8-Julie at Booking Mama
Julie is a stay at home mom and her reviews provide wonderful little windows of her life and her children.I love that!

9-Sharon at Sharon Loves Books and Cats
You have to go check out her fun rating system.She really does love her cats and books.

10-Tina at Bookshipper
For her totally honest reviews and I don’t know how she does it but she balances the negative points with the positive aspects so well that you still want to read the book.She is brilliant at “constructive criticism”.

And now I have to let everyone know about their award but first I am going to have a hot bath with lots of bubble bath.It's raining here and yes I know I can get struck by lightning while in the bath but I am going to take my chances.(My precious readers must PLEASE not follow my bad example)


  1. Thank you so much! I will have put on my blog tomorrow.

  2. My pleasure Jenny you totally deserve it!!

  3. Thank you sooooo much. I am so flattered. I have started following you.

  4. Hi Yvette! Congrats! You deserve it! And thank you for the kind words and cute Grrrr !

  5. Hey Tina
    Thanks for the follow and congratulations!!!
    and Suzanne,thank you.

  6. Thank you! I hope you enjoyed your bubble bath! I'm traditionally bad at acknowledging awards even thought I love them, but hopefully I'll get my act together this week.

  7. Hey Shelley
    Congrats!! and yes I did enjoy my bubble bath.It is freezing here because we are now starting winter in South Africa.We usually don't have rain at this time of the year so this thunderstorm was a complete surprise.

  8. Thank you so much! I'm honored and truly touched.

  9. Hey Holly
    It is my pleasure and you truly deserve it.

  10. Wow, thanks so much! I'm flattered. I really appreciate awards and it's nice to know you enjoy my reviews. Congrats on receiving your award!

  11. Congratulations Dar.I really do enjoy your reviews.Happy reviewing!!


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