Saturday, April 11, 2009

My New True Crime Books Order M7058414

I hope that everyone had a really good Easter.Mine was really nice with my mom and gran and the kids.It's been a really long time since I had an Easter holiday with the extended family as they live overseas.This is the first time definitely for my little 4 year old and I think only the third time for my 15 year old.

Anyway I have placed my new order for true crime books to be delivered in 10 days time.These are the books I have ordered and as soon as I receive them I will read them and then post reviews for everyone.
Here they are:

Because You Loved Me by M.William Phelps
This is the true story of love, loss, betrayal, and murder, in which 14-year-old New Hampshire teenager Nicole Dominico and her boyfriend Billy Sullivan, an 18-year-old man met on the Internet,and then brutally killed Nicoles mother Jeanne, in 2003.

House Of Evil by John Dean
What began as a temporary childcare arrangement in 1965 turned into a crime that would haunt Indianapolis for decades to come. The case is the basis of the 2007 film An American Crime, starring Academy Award nominees Ellen Page ( Juno ) and Christine Keener ( Capote )

Murder In The Heartland by M William Phelps
On a December night in 2004, a 911 operator in Nodaway County, Missouri, received a frantic call from a woman who'd found her pregnant 23-year-old daughter in a pool of blood on the living room floor. Most shocking of all, the dying woman's unborn baby had been viciously ripped from her womb.

Sleep In Heavenly Peace by M.William Phelps
Tells a true story of a mother killing four of her own children. This book includes interviews with the killer as well as 16 pages of photographs.

Taken From Home by Eric Francis
When Michael Blagg's adoring wife, Jennifer, and his six year-old-daughter, Abby, disappeared from their home, Michael led the charge to find them, even going so far as to make a nationwide appeal on "Good Morning America" for information. But seven months later, investigators found Jennifer's remains in a Mesa County landfill, and things took a darker turn...Jennifer had been shot in the head.

Evil Beside Her by Kathryn Casey
Originally published in 1995 as The Rapist's Wife, this repackaged edition updates the story of a courageous woman married to a serial rapist and her brave fight for justice.

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