Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Answering Some Questions on The True Crime Book Giveaway

I received quite a few e mails asking why readers have to be a follower or subscribing via e mail in order to participate in the true crime book giveaway and the answer is as follows:
I have quite a few fellow book bloggers who are still trying to locate winners from up to ten competitions ago and they can't get hold of the winners.So I figured if someone is a follower or subscribing via e mail the chances are better that I might find the winners and send them their free book.Followers and e mail subscribers have shown an interest in the site and therefore more likely to keep up to date with what is happening at True Crime Book Reviews.I hope that makes sense to everyone.

Some people are usually just browsing,they see a competition,they take part in it and then forget about it.And as a contact address they give an e mail that they rarely use which is ok as we all want to avoid spammers but a follower or e mail subscriber (or any other type of reader e.g. google reader,etc,,,) will more likely come back often to check out new posts

Please note that this does not apply to book giveaways hosted by Hachette Books or any other publisher.I will always make a note on the giveaway if it is only for followers or subscribers.If there is no note then everyone is welcome to take part.Please note that the Book Group giveaways are usually only for US and Canada residents.Please check each giveaway for the rules of each one.

And now for my good news,my order of books is getting delivered today.
And my bad news is DSTV has disconnected me again.I made the mistake of changing my account details and for the past 3 months have had to pay manually because they keep forgetting to update my details.I am remaining patient and will call them shortly AGAIN and will not scream or shout.I am going GREEN with this.No need to waste energy......

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