Sunday, March 8, 2009

Swop Spot:True Crime Books

I have the following true crime books which I would like to swop for any others.If you have any that you would like to swop with me please post the titles in the comments below and I will get back to you.At the moment I am only swopping the books which I have done a review on but as I complete a review I will add onto this list.Also you might notice that not all the books which I have done a review on is available for swopping.This is because some of the books I like to keep close and have formed some sort of bond with.Please post a list if you have.I am hoping to have many other people swop with each other as well not just with me.

By Their Father's Hand
Dying For Daddy
Gone Forever
Murder So Cold
Open Secrets
Small Sacrifices
Suffer the Little Children
The Officer's Wife
Kiss Me,Kill Me
Through The Window
Hot Blood
Such Good Boys
An Hour To Kill
Partners In Evil
Double Jeopardy
The Life I Survived
Angels Of Death
The Pastor's Wife
Under The Knife

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