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Smoke,Mirrors And Murder by Ann Rule:Crime Files Vol.12

From the #1 bestselling true-crime writer in America comes a chilling collection of tales about a variety of deceptive killers,young and old, rich and poor,who commit murder by sleight-of-hand. Includes Rules insider commentary of the case of Mary Winkler, the Tennessee woman who killed her minister husband, Matthew, in 2006.

This book is by Ann Rule and you may have read my previous posts where I categorically state that she is my favorite true crime writer ever.She still is but she is now sharing the throne for queen of crime with Kathryn Casey.As you get more involved with true crime books you will realise that true crime writers usually write of true crime in their home states.This is probably due to the fact that they sit in on the court cases of the book that they are writing about,and the court cases would usually be in the state where the crime happened.So to sum up Ann Rule normally writes on crimes from the Seattle area and Kathryn Casey is a Texas based true crime writer.So having two true crime queens is okay as there is plenty of crime to write about for everyone.

Now to talk about Smoke,Mirrors and Murder.This is Volume 12 of Ann Rule's Crime Files where she publishes a book with a few stories all in one book.This specific book has the following stories.
The Deputy's Wife which is 152 pages of the 464 pages so it is the longest story in the book and my favorite of all the stories.This is about Sue Harris Jensen who married a police officer.After many years in a turbulent marriage she asked him for a divorce.Then began the stalking and harassment.This story also highlights how abusive men in law enforcement careers can practically get away with murder.
The Antique Dealer's Wife is as the title states exccept this wife disappeared and this antique dealer was a real con man.He got away with "murder" for many years.This story has 57 pages.
The next story is The Truck Driver's Wife.This wife was found burnt to death but nothing else around her was burnt.The story explores the concept of spontaneous combustion which is when a person just suddenly for no reason spontaneously combusts(sets on fire) and dies.This story has 33 pages.
Another story is The Convict's Wife which tell the story of Doris Mae and her abusive husband.Then one day he was gone...This story has 23 pages.This was also a very good story.
The Chemist's Wife is also an amazing story where you will be amazed at the power that some people have over others.The Painter's Wife is the wife who got abducted by an escaped convict and the ordeal she went through.The bravery of one man saved her...
And finally The Minister's Wife which is 111 pages long and the second longest story.This is about the same story that I did a review on previously but for the book called The Pastor's Wife by Diane Fanning.This story was still very interesting to read as it was told from a totally different perspective as the Diane Fanning book.I must stress they are of exactly the same story.None of the basic information has been changed.They are just written from different perspectives.I enjoyed both.

So another great true crime file by ann Rule.These true crime files are wonderful to read as I find that it is not too emotionally trying.You read a great story and move on.Sometimes I like that...Sometimes I need that...

If you are interested in finding out more...
Smoke Mirrors And Murder Kalahari link for South African readers

or below for the Amazon link
Smoke, Mirrors, and Murder: And Other True Cases (Ann Rule's Crime Files)
I read this book in March 2009.Please note that not all the stories are about spousal murder.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 9781416541608
Publication date: December 2007
Length: 171mm
Width: 107mm
Thickness: 25mm
Weight: 240g
Pages: 464
Illustrations: Illustrated

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