Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Officer's Wife by Michael Fleeman

The shocking true story of the sordid double life of North Carolina psychologist Michelle Theer. After meeting Army Sergeant John Diamond on the Internet for a sexual escapade in 2000, Michelle then masterminded the murder of her husband Marty, a decorated Air Force pilot.

I bought this book The Officer's Wife at a flea market.The intention was to go and buy accessories for my Christmas table dinner and lo and behold I saw a stall with lots and lots of true crime books.I forgot all about my Christmas table and our family then decided to have Christmas with my aunt instead that year 2007.So this is how I came upon Michael Fleeman as a true crime book writer.

Do not for one minute consider this true crime story as just another book about a wife murdering her husband.Bearing in mind that the wife in this case is a psychologist prepare yourself for actions by this murderess you had not even thought possible if it even entered your mind at all.This book The Officer's Wife has so many twists and turns you will start thinking they writer made it up.But no this is completely true and happened in real life.You will not put this book down until you have read the entire story.Besides she moves so fast you start feeling she will leave you behind and you will miss an important part.

I read pretty fast but this book was so full of facts that I made sure to read each and every single word just in case.Michael Fleeman writes really well and keeps you engrossed and involved.This woman will keep you wondering for days after as to how her mind works and how brilliantly it ticks.She even went on the run and had plastic surgery to alter her appearance.

I would definitely recommend going on this journey by reading this book if only to find out how someone can study a profession like psychology and use that knowledge in real life to manipulate and destroy.

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