Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not very happy about my latest true crime books

Well my books were delivered finally on Monday(they apparently could not find me on Friday).I have now made arrangements to have them delivered to the security guards who are stationed at the entrance of my suburb.So I will not go through a week end without my books again.

Anyway I am not so happy about the following facts.I ordered the following books
1-Sisters In Blood-this got cancelled because they did not have stock
2-Baby Be Mine-delivered but I discovered I had already ordered online and now have 2 copies.I really need to get this blog up to date so I can check here before I place any orders
3-By Their Father's Hand-The true story of the Wesson Family Massacre-am busy reading this one.Ok but not great
4-Married To Depression-really thin book.I am not impressed.
5-Out There -the in depth story of the astronaut love triangle case that shocked America.This book I am looking forward to reading.

So basically out of 5 books ordered I am only excited about 1.Bummer!!!

The good news is I have been more careful this time and have just placed my new order for the following:

A Warrant To Kill-Kathryn Casey
Blood Will Tell by Carlton Smith-I love his books
Forgive Me,Father by John Glatt.I really enjoyed his book Deadly American Beauty so am hoping his style of writing remains as good.
Smoke,Mirrors and Murder by Ann Rule
To Have and To Kill-John Glatt

So hold thumbs for me that this order at least goes well and I can do some serious reading in about ten working days...

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