Thursday, March 19, 2009

My New Order -20% Cancellation

In my last post I mentioned the books I ordered online last week(I think)
A Warrant To Kill-Kathryn Casey
Blood Will Tell by Carlton Smith-I love his books
Forgive Me,Father by John Glatt.I really enjoyed his book Deadly American Beauty so am hoping his style of writing remains as good.
Smoke,Mirrors and Murder by Ann Rule
To Have and To Kill-John Glatt

and so far Blood Will Tell has been cancelled because of "no stock".I think it is really stupid to just cancel your oder instead of putting it on a backorder so that when it becomes available they request you to confirm that you still want it and off you go.I mean really am I now supposed to keep on ordering this book every time I place an order online and hope they have stock???Not very good strategy for sales I think.

Anyway I am reading "Out There" by Diane Fanning at the moment and its really good.I have learnt so much bout the space program but watch this space,I will be doing a review soon........
And yes if you are thinking "what is wrong with this person?"You are right I had to quickly post something because I unintentionally re published another link and Yes,I am still learning how to work this blogging thing.So bear with me...

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