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Gone Forever by Diane Fanning

Susan McFarland was a vivacious, successful mother of three young sons. On November 25, 2002, she disappeared. Three days later, her car was found, keys in the ignition. Later that day, her husband reported her missing-- and a desperate search began. Her friends and family hoped against hope that Susan was not gone forever. But investigators became increasingly suspicious of Richard McFarland. When the charred, decomposed body of Susan McFarland was finally discovered at an overgrown farmstead outside of San Antonio, a new hunt began-- for justice. McFarland maintained his innocence, and investigators only had circumstantial evidence against him. While headlines screamed out new details in the case, and police tried to gather more evidence, a blockbuster trial was about to begin. Then, Richard McFarland finally spoke...and a terrifying, chilling truth came out...

As I said in an earlier post about books by Diane Fanning this will now be the second book that I read of hers.I am getting used to her style of writing.She initially starts with the crime scene and then only goes back into the history of the main characters.This is different to Ann Rule books where she starts immediately with the history part and then builds up to the day of the crime.It took a bit of getting used to so I didnt enjoy the first book so much but this one was much better.I have also completed the third book of hers and that one was brilliant.I will post on The Pastor's Wife shortly but for now will give my opinion of Gone Forever.

Prepare yourself to be completely irritated with the victim's husband who ends up being her murderer.I am amazed at this man's audacity and attitude and how this poor woman stayed with him so long.(and ended up dead because of this decision).I am appalled at the behavior he got away with and no one,not the family,friends or neighbors ,ever took him up on this behavior.He was just a financial burden to this poor woman and not a very good father.The book really captivates by explaining the murder victim's personality so well and I wish I knew her in real life.

This couple had 3 little boys and you will never in a million years guess where they ended up.Both the parents had a large extended family and my heart was broken for these little boys.I have tried to "google" their names to find out how they are doing but no luck...If anyone has any idea please let me know via the comments column.

By the end of this book I was starting to cultivate my own murderous feelings.This book is excellent and easy reading.I read it in 4-5 sessions and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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I read this book in February 2009

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  1. I have read many true crime books over the years and I have to say this is the worst book ever written...many inconsistancies, information that is not pertintent and an overall badly written account...I would never buy a book writter by this author again


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